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There is one thing to note, though. We'd suggest that this is a surprisingly scary episode of Doctor Who. And that's not in the context of when it's been scheduled on Christmas Day, but also in the broader world of Doctor Who. Director Paul Wilmshurst, who helmed series 8's Kill The Moon and Mummy On The Orient Express, successfully fused horror el... - 11 hours

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Style.... - 11 hours

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After chasing down but failing to capture Medea, Jason makes it clear that he will kill her but, with the Queen's life in danger, he, Hercules and Pythagoras return to Atlantis, passing Ariadne into the care of The Oracle.... - 14 hours

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Irish_swans commented on What Happened ?

Get the #### off my post and off this site you aint no member now do one :)... - 23 hours

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I was a member too. This new site has just launched and I signed up. Join here lads:... - 1 day

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Last Xmas, though, might correctly always be categorised seeing that event 13 in the string simply just long gone. Which is precisely what the item just about can be obviously, nevertheless exclusively it can be much less standalone when compared with we have now experienced nowadays. Which is not to imply it won't are some sort of one-off event, n... - 2 days

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Talking about freaking out and about, this tap out Juliette had taken to be able to transform the girl in Adalind evidently provides a number of rather significant side-effects. Inside what’s really the main bombshell fallen this kind of full week, Juliette receives a new long-awaited subsequent aspect, hooray! As it happens this nausea or vo... - 3 days

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As usual, the episode is chock-full of magical artifacts and obscure mythical creatures such as Lamashtu (sister of Eve and goddess of hell), Pazuzu (a demon who doesn’t like Lamashtu), la Brujería (a nasty group of witches from Chilean myth), and the Invunche (a demon made by the Brujería from babies).... - 3 days

NEW POST   PunchiPetha added Kai is evil and crazy in the purest

Firstly, let's just appreciate having a proper bad guy, with no ambiguous motives or mystical connection to our main characters. Kai is evil and crazy in the purest sense of the words and, while that might be awkward and boring on another show, Vampire Diaries really needed to take a break from the doppelgängers and grey-area villains.... - 3 days

NEW POST   PunchiPetha added Given my assessment of the final word

Thack’s hold over people is most keenly expressed through the corrupted blossoming of Elkins into a resourceful and effective go-between, making forays into the city in an effort to secure his fix. Their relationship is developing even if he is unaware of the fact. Her temper and tone when she rushed into his apartment was angry, concerned an... - 4 days

NEW POST   PunchiPetha added Other duties including filling the prescriptions

For starters, the program will likely include courses on community engagement and active citizenship. Questions regarding the prescriptions are referred towards the pharmacist, but the pharmacy technician handles other duties including filling the prescriptions, stocking the shelves, cashiering, delivering medical devices, reviewing information to... - 4 days

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Have you checked to see if you are eligible for public medical insurance programs. Therefore, online transactions relating to the medicine becomes the order with the day which can be why believe that an immediate need to have a very pharmacy processing account. Part with this improvement in national health originates from conscious alterations in l... - 4 days

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The Big Bang Theory usually does really well at holiday episodes, with so much both sadness and familial bonding inherent to occasions such as Christmas and, whereas past holidays consisted of the four guys (and Penny) making the most of their little makeshift unit, now the friendship group has evolved into a proper little family where it doesn't s... - 5 days

Irish_swans commented on Watch Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens (2015) online now

Get lost with these posts ! where the admins to clear all this rubbish up ?... - 5 days

NEW POST   PunchiPetha added Somewhere else, Workforce Avatar

Somewhere else, Workforce Avatar minds out and about to sneak previous adversary traces merely to discover that Kuvira has generated herself a new mecha-Godzilla along with outfitted that with a nature vine system. I do not have text pertaining to precisely how significant that thing genuinely is usually nonetheless it only stomps on top of the act... - 7 days

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Pasiphae's life is in peril and she uses the last of her strength to cast an incantation upon a handy sarcophagus, awakening the body within. Her magic rapidly spreads throughout the Necropolis, reanimating more of the deceased.... - 7 days

NEW POST   PunchiPetha added Given my assessment of the final word

From your quite beginning of the show, while Dandy obtains the appealingly hazy bundle through Maggie previous to harmful to be able to ruin Jimmy's galaxy immediately after staying confronted by your drunken Lobster Boy. Jimmy possesses lastly somehow said jointly of which Dandy had been the other clown, regardless of whether Maggie has not pretty... - 8 days

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I have been a member for around two years and kinda like this site. But your right its becoming a pretty quiet place no activity. Where has everyone gone. I think this place is doomed.... - 12 days

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NEW POST   PunchiPetha added Given my assessment of the final word

And there are some amusing meta-moments which often work, the most effective most likely staying any time Naomi admits the girl eventually left the appearing biz because “I was certainly not high of a good actor. ” “Never ceased us, ” Brock responds, the word what via actor Ted McGinley, a male that has was able to go on ear... - 13 days

NEW POST   PunchiPetha added What sold me on the movie,

What sold me on the movie, aside from Charles Dance as a dastardly villain and its metanarrative, was its satire. As an action-movie fan who is also more than occasionally conflicted about the genre, the film Last Action Hero struck a great note. It made fun of all of the things that bother some of us about action films (I mean, how do they always... - 13 days

VeryOldMan commented on As always, everything that happens

Best profit from - 14 days

Swanseajack101 commented on What Happened ?

I know, it used to be great. We need to think of a way to turn all this around!... - 14 days

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And it has worked, and works here, quite well. It gets brushed over quickly in the end in favor of a happy ending, but that's a small complaint compared to how enjoyable the rest of their scenes are. Seeing Lin confront Toph about growing up without her father isn't exactly standard fare for a children's show, but it works and it's compelling becau... - 14 days