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Villa-Rich commented on Ronaldinho is coming to Stoke

The Queen is coming to my birthday party.... - 16 hours

Villa-Rich commented on Roy Keane Villa's new assistant manager

Maybe I doubt he'll make a big difference thou our players are just poor. Desperate for a buyer.... - 16 hours

NEW POST   Villa-Rich added Southampton free for all

... - 16 hours

Doozers20 commented on Brazil...

David Luiz is a talented footballer no doubt, as a defender though he's shocking, I see no signs of greatness in that department whatsoever... - 1 day

Angaletai joined Rate Your Player football forum!

1 day

Gazpenk commented on Brazil...

The defence looked too static and completely clueless without any kind of authority or leadership. David Luiz shows signs of greatness but does not tick all the boxes for me and is too much of a liability to be given such an important role on an international level.... - 1 day

NEW POST   Gazpenk added Brazil...

Now that we've all vented our disbelief over last night...what do we think happened? Did the pressure of the occasion finally get to Brazil given that this was their first major test of the tournement? Or could they really have just fallen apart without Neymar and Thiago Silva? Surely the mighty Brazil do no depend on one or two players for success... - 2 days

Foodmor joined Rate Your Player football forum!

3 days

TheMightyPotter commented on Ronaldinho is coming to Stoke

I am very excited... - 3 days

NEW POST   TheMightyPotter added Ronaldinho is coming to Stoke

Imagine Arnautovic and Ronaldinho down the wings with Jon Walters up top, what a bloody team... - 3 days

Jimbo1984 commented on Roy Keane Villa's new assistant manager

Gonna have to pull a Suarez here and say that Keane barely touched haaland.. Dunno what all the fuss was about.. Plus he deserved it...... - 4 days

Dent_Ford up voted the following comment - 5 days

NEW POST   Redrockbrokers added Bringing about relevance in handball

Handball Played across half the world   The International Handball Federation proudly proclaims that handball   is played by around eight hundred thousand teams across 183 countries and it is the second-largest grossing revenue sport at this summer’s Olympics, according to Chairman of USA Team Handball Jeff Utz.   A hybrid... - 6 days

NEW POST   Villa-Rich added Roy Keane Villa's new assistant manager

What are people's thoughts on this. We all know as a player he was an all time great for Utd but as a manager he's shown himself to be a bit of a nut job with poor people skills. I'm not sure if it's a good move or bad move for us? ... - 8 days

Mpotts joined Rate Your Player football forum!

10 days

Gazpenk commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

What about this then:... - 11 days

Villa-Rich commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

He's bitten people 3 times now and hasn't learnt his lesson. He needs tough punishment. I think he should have been banned longer.... - 11 days

Doozers20 commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

It's because it's a bite. disgusting, vile conduct. It's the 3rd time he's done such which shows he isn't learning, 3rd time just for biting he's done plenty of other things to add to that. It also seemed quite calculated in the sense that there didn't seem to be any provocation but I wasn't close to the action so I couldn't say that for certa... - 11 days

Releasethekraken commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

Yeah i know, and i agree. but 4 months worldwide??? as well as a 9 game international ban???? FOUR MONTHS?!? it's pretty much an unprecendented punishment in terms of violent conduct... and it's for a bite that barely left a mark. can't understand that at all.... - 11 days

Paulison commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

Yeah, Keane should have been banned for life!! .... and Cantona also!!!!!... - 12 days

Paulison up voted the following comment - 12 days

Dent_Ford commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

I might be more inclined to accept your argument if it weren't for the fact that the same action in almost any other circumstances would have the perpetrator facing a costly run in with the legal system at the very least, and more likely would be a guest of the state for a period of time considerably longer than 4 months...... - 12 days

Dent_Ford up voted the following comment - 12 days

Jimbo1984 commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

If he knows what he's doing and knows its Wrong but can't stop himself doing it then he shouldn't have any involvement in the game... - 12 days

Dent_Ford up voted the following comment - 13 days

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