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@paulison it's okay, i've kind of got used to it now. i suppose by his definition i am a 'plastic supporter', not sure how i'm delusional though. i must be so delusional i don't even realise i'm delusional...

@villa-rich oh come on rich, leave it out. how am i any more 'arsey and disrespectful' than you are to all of us every day on here. granny porn?! clearly you love giving it out but can't take it back. also, just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them 'delusional'. i don't think saying liverpool are the second biggest club in britain is that unreasonable in most people's eyes. if it is so horribly wrong - answer me this, genius - why are there so many glory hunting plastic liverpool fans on this forum?

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Who is the biggest team in Britain?