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@jumbo1984 @Doozers20 What do you think about Kagawa? I personally am a big fan but I've not seen a great deal. I don't think United should go crazy with this rumoured £200 million. Focus on key areas such as a top class centre-half, a midfielder and a winger. Just look at Spurs. Majority of their signings were £20 million + and didn't gel. I'd go with Garay from Benfica, Kroos from Bayern Munich and Baines/Shaw. Players that can fit in but don't disrupt the squad. So you could go with De Gea, Rafeal, Evans, Garay, Baines/Shaw, Carrick, Kroos, Kagawa, Mata, Rooney, Van Persie in a 4-2-2-2 formation.

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£27m bid for Luke Shaw