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This was Paul Merson's column before the competition started:

"I don’t see England losing, I really don’t. I make them absolute certainties to go through the group – I’m very bullish about it. I don’t rate the other teams at all."

"I don’t think Uruguay are as good as everyone thinks they’re going to be. They have got the two up front who are very good - Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani - but Suarez has had to carry Liverpool a lot this season, which means he's going to be tired and he’s hurt his knee and hasn’t trained. They've got a centre-half who plays for them, Diego Lugano, who couldn’t even get in the West Brom team last season and they nearly got relegated! They’ve got another lad, Sebastian Coates, who couldn’t get a game at Liverpool and their defence is hardly great either...

England will easily get through the group.

This will be a hard game for Uruguay and Costa Rica are going to be the difficult team for England as well – it will be like their World Cup final if they beat us. They could get beat 10-0 by Italy and Uruguay but if they beat England 1-0 they’ll go home as heroes."

The arrogance has 0 bounds. Hilarious.

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"Why I want England to lose."