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@Doozers20 i'd be surprised if you wanted united's best player gone after a bite to be honest mate. if it was a 3rd (or even first tbh) pre-meditated career-ending tackle, then fair enough. but a bite in my opinion (as weird as it is, and it being the 3rd time) does not make me want him sold. he more than makes up for it with his talent. but then again he is liverpool's best and my favourite player.

if glen johnson bit a player, i'd want him sold immediately. but then again, i want glen johnson sold immediately anyway. so maybe not a great example...

put it this way - if it was any LFC player that i liked (or was any good) who bit someone, i wouldn't want him sold. why should i? because opposition fans think i should? because of the morals??? nah.

my main issue is with the length and terms of the ban. by the letter of the law, it's violent conduct - no more. so 3 games. i accept that this is the 3rd time so he deserves certainly more than the 3. maybe 3+3+3 for each time he's done it? so 9 is fair. but why 4 months? and why worldwide? where has that suddenly come from? it just feels they've made it up. you never ever see worldwide bans unless it's match fixing, performance-enhancing drugs or something serious like that. so why a bite??? that's what's annoying me. suarez is still an idiot though - tbh if you're stupid enough to do it not once, but 3(!) times then you deserve whatever you get. he can complain all he wants but truth is he'd be fine had he just not bitten chiellini, ffs. but still, i question how they've arrived at this decision. i think it'll be shortened after appeal.

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Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!