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@releasethekraken Having read your series of treatises, you may not be "justifying" his behavior, but I think it is far from unfair to say you are at the very least seeking to "excuse" it... Which is a huge part of the problem imho... The reason this is his third similar offense imho is that too many people (esp. supporters of the team he's playing for be it Ajax. Liverpool, or Uruguay) have downplayed his abhorrent behavior, or tried to make him out the victim/martyr (as Uruguay are doing now) b/c of his World Class talent... The sad bit there, and I'm not just picking on Suarez b/c it happens with athletes (across pretty much all sports), is that the message it sends to everyone (and in this case it truly is a global audience) is that if you're talented enough at a game the rules don't apply to you be it on the pitch, or in life in general...

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Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!