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@Dent_Ford yeah but the same could be said for any act of violent conduct on a football pitch - a punch to the face, a headbutt, a leg-breaking tackle, a stamp etc.

my issue is with the length and terms of the ban and where the numbers have come from. i would suggest that there is only a pre-specified punishment for 'violent conduct' or whatever they choose to call it, which i believe a bite falls under (i highly doubt they have a separate punishment for a bite, being such a rare offence). and i highly doubt that punishment is 9 games + a 4 month worldwide ban (although i admit suarez's past misdemeanours must be taken into account). then they've just made it up. however, if there is an official FIFA ruling that has a stipulation that says "if a player bites another player and that player has been involved in a race row and 2 biting incidents in the past, then he should be given a 9 game ban + a 4 month worldwide one" then i will shut up and accept it. i highly doubt this is the case though... i just want to know how they've come up with this punishment.

also, i believe i don't have a blind spot when it comes to liverpool players. i think i am very unbiased (obviously not totally, no one is) when it comes to things like this. i just genuinely don't think it's a correct punishment based on the offence. i think i'd say the same were it any other player (i'd like to think so anyway).

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Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!