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Adammcd86 commented on End of the line for Walcott?

This is silly haha - arsenal FC don't decide or design the calender...we give the rights to a third party publisher and they publish it to how they want. If he wasn't in a team photo - you could read into that a lot more. Is henry in it? he aint joining us on loan if he aint... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Quiz question #2

Highbury, the baseball ground, roker park, highfield, the dell, maine road, filbert street - got them without looking below, new bolton where there, couldnt remember there old name though! Good question... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Are Arsenal happy with their start to the Season?

Two games no goals - where's that panic button??!! Obv most fans aint happy, but like, we're not angry. Just two games, team are gelling and goals will come. we wouldnt be happy drawing two games nil nil at any point throughout a season. I'd take two nil nils over a 3 nil loss to west brom haha :lol: :lol: :lol:... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Jack Wilshere Drug test/ban rumor

This belongs in the "darren fletcher has aids" category. Ridiculous haha mate....come on!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Are you really interested?

I'm well interested - i wish i was at home for it, see everybody whinging about it and it p*sses me off! will only have the olympics once in our lifetime and i'm not even at home for it - gutted! i wont even be able to watch it properly coz im on the other side of the world ffs!!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on If RVP Stays 4 Final Year, Should He Remain Captain?

No he shouldnt - i want him to leave! But if he does stay, i bet he still is captain though!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Is Football racist?

No football aint - is right - the world has racists, football is the biggest and most followed sport in the world with the biggest fanbase of anything. So of course there's gonna be racists within football.... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Will Ledley King retire at the end of the season?

Has he really - thats wierd! i reckon he would of already confirmed retirement though if he was gonna. he should of retired at the end of about 2 seasons ago ha!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Do Arsenal need to spend big?

No haha - but fa cup and carling cup is obv our most realistic chance (jeez - thats pathetic aint it ha compared to five years ago or so) - just like you boys! actually are you's in the europa league are ya?... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on The second big debate: Newcastle Vs Liverpool! Who will finish higher in the EPL?

Haha i was just trying to get a plus vote from you, i dont really think that!! how bout that 3rd lfc kit.....nice eh haha, its as bad as our purple one!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Niang set for Gunners trial.

This is weird though, aint he already a first teamer at Caen? strange that we'd give him a trial instead of bidding for him. suppose he is young... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Any Gulls fans out there?

Ha i'd be scared of singed pubes with that fire breathing of hers!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on RVP to Barcelona for David Villa and £13 million?

Ha yeah forgot about silverstre! silly me! yeah good mate, living upside down! its cool - im drunk every other night - sh*t watching football from here though! i miss sky sports news aswell!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Kuwaiti Family Goes on to buy Nottingham Forrest

Deff would love forest back in the prem - massive club with great history. But i prefer them to do a fulham and not a city - f*cking hate city!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Van Persie announces his future

Try and shift him abroad if poss otherwise just sell him and get some money! It's happend to us before and it'll happen again! Pretty frustrating but we all expected it. Our club needs to change somewhere though big time - we're a club stuck on groundhog day at the moment! Change in board..manager..dunno - something has to change though!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Will Arsenal fans boo Van Persie if he stays?

@Rulz03 pretty sure most dont consider him a legend - he could of been - one full season out of 8 years - and to come out with a statement like that - see his point but pretty disrespecful. He'll have small boos - nothing like nasri or adebayor though.... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Premier league title next year?

Why you think he's a c*nt? think he's vermalens cousin. Yeah i wouldnt mind a back up RB, jenkinson is good, but not arsenal material just yet. LB - cant see wenger doing that, gibbs is first choice and Santos is good enough back up - althogh yeah if gibbs is out for a big chunk then we're pretty much F8cked again, cant keep putting vermalen ther... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Celtic / Rangers Premiership material?

@TheDannyGordon oh right...thought you where being serious...... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on HOW MANY PEOPLE DISLIKE LIVERPOOL????

Tossers....who lol? me?... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Player's and Young Players player of the year.

Good discussion - mine would be dempsey prob - he's been so influential this year, hollett aswell for blackburn for young player..vorm and krul deserve a mention, and Ba, and 3 newcastle players lol... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Best goal Ever!!!!

The fella in the northern irish league has gotta be mentioned..if not already - i cant see the clips (work policy ffs)... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on A disgrace

@TheDannyGordon I agree, i hate it too, used to get so frustrated with eboue! then he'd milk his non injured leg aswell while getting treated! d*ckhead!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on What changes to football would you make?

Actually i browsed over that all prem fa cup part - that would be cr@p - boring aswell. The fa cup major selling point is the fact small clubs and non league teams get a chance against the big boys.... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Where will Sigurdsson end up next year?

A bit of topic, but how rich and ambitious are these new owners?? im quite out the loop with certain things, not in the uk at the moment.... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Does anyone know when west ham are having their parade

I Just dunno how he was linked to the England job so heavily! i'd prefer Terry Connor....actually, no i wouldnt!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Did you know Joe Hart's real name isn't Joe Hart?

Haha i knew it last month but now i dont! some discussions are so silly lol... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on How can we make RYP better for you?

Are you in the US?... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Who is the better player Giggs or Scholes

Scholes easily - giggs general gameplay isnt as good as made out! gives the ball away loads! And he's a w@nker!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Should every Scottish debate be banned from this site?

Now your being racist to the belgians!! calm down a bit mate!... - 7 years

Adammcd86 commented on Good enough for a top club?

They have a "shiet" support because they're such a small team. in 95 they where in the bottom division - 10 years the prem. The're in greater manchester, so surrounded by bigger clubs, and they're more of a rugby town. So it aint supprising there support aint there lol... - 7 years