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Bricka commented on Pepe Mel - Thoughts?

Absolutely ludicrous decision to sack Steve Clark now west brom are gonna pay for a poor era of judgement by the board very similar to what happened to wolves when they sacked Mick McCarthy... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Stoke robbed by cheating scouse thieves

It can only be considered cheating if there's no contact otherwise you can only call it a 'soft' foul or penalty hence why sterling shouldn't have been booked again the defender shouldn't have stuck his leg out... - 5 years

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Bricka commented on Will Jermain Defoe be in the England Squad?

I don't see it being a problem the World Cup is only six months away and although the mls is of a lower quality it'll keep him fit. If he stayed at spurs I think it would weaken his World Cup chances as he's clearly 3rd choice and it looked like he might even be 4th choice behind Harry kane... - 5 years

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Bricka commented on It would be better for united to lose in the semi final second leg agaisnt Sunderland

Can't believe what I'm reading! Are you guy actually fans of Man U or what? Now I know why your called glory hunters! In the space of six months you've gone from title winners to being ok to losing to Sunderland... SUNDERLAND! Come on lads I know your going through a rough time I'm an arsenal fan and we've had a good five years of feeling crap not... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Whats going on at Manchester United?

You don't make him keep the staff but are you telling me that if Fergie said to Moyes it's best to keep the staff Motes would've ignored him?... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Who is the best player out of these choices

Maradona winning the league for Napoli is the same as Liverpool winning the league cause of Suarez you have to admit that would be some feat... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Mohamed Salah

I think it's 50/50 I watched him in the Europa league last year and was impressed and wasn't surprised to hear the prem had com calling but a lot of players look good in their teams, they are settled etc but when they make a big move they cannot replicate their form, anyone remember Arsharvin? tearing up Barcelona on his own? I think if you can get... - 5 years

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Bricka commented on Eric Cantona or Dennis Bergkamp? Who is the best and Why?

Not even worth discussing Dennis all day... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Who is the best Arsenal player ever and why?

Bet your happy with the half time score Niall... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Who would you prefer in your team: Yaya Toure or Patrick Vieira?

They have slightly different roles but It's gotta be yaya he has better dribbling passing and shooting but viera was amazing... - 5 years

Bricka commented on Goal of the Year

For me it's between kasami and wilshere mainly cause I hate van p... - 5 years

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