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Massive Swansea fan since 5 years old, still mega excited that the Swans are in the Premier League and I can not wait for next season. Come on the Swans!

Cymrurhif1 commented on The Sigurdsson Saga.

Basically, there isn't much hope in hell that Sigurdsson is coming to Swansea. I kinda gave up on that a while ago, but I'd still love to have him. I know a deal with Liverpool fell through somehow and all I know now is that Tottenham seemed to have swoped into the scene right on time. All in all, I extremly doubt that he will come to Swansea and i... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on If Rodgers goes, who do you want to replace him??

Very late with this, I haven't been on in ages. Anyway ... I am very happy with Laudrup.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Who will win the 2012/13 Barclays Premier League Title?

One team .........................SWANSEA CITY!!!!! No, I am kidding (If you can't already tell) Most likely a Manchester side, but you never know.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Will Roy rue the day he left Rio at home?

You added it, when you should know very well by know that this has allready been discussed.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Brendan Rodgers Has Sent His Thanks!

Aw, bless you. Maybe they'll add a love heart.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Goal Line Technology Debate.

Definetly something that should have been introduced into football ages ago. In my opinion it is bullsh*t that it would slow down a football match, and who cares if a goal is at stake. The game definetly dosen't slow down in ice hockey and they use goal line technology.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Transfer Talk

Sky sources, Swansea potential bid for winger Edouard Duplan.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on How opinions have changed...

My opinions have definetly not changed. Never thought he was amazing, I never thought he would ever be worth £35 milion, and I don't think he looks like a donkey, personnaly I think he looks more like a crow. Whoever came up with Carollololol is a genius.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Can Roy's England beat Spain?

I don't want them too, but anything is possible. England have to qualify first though.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Songs that best describes a player/s?

If he knows what that means we know he copied and pasted it into Google Translate.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Are Spain boring?

Spain and boring football are just three words that just don't go. They shouldn't even be in the same sentence.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Fixtures announced tomorrow - Who do you want?

I would have loved to have had Liverpool as our first game of the season. I hope the fans don't treat Rodgers poorly though. If they were in his position I am sure they would have gone for the money, and the fact Liverpool are a big club with lots of history.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Is Martinez actually a good manager?

I still like Martinez and personaly I think he is a very good manager, not amazing, but still very good. I think he has done really well to keep Wigan in the Prem this long and I think he deserves more plaudits. Plus he plays the stylish football that a lot of teams are interested in at the moment (again my opinion, I know a lot of people think it'... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Football players you can not stand?

Ronaldo, great player, too much ego. Balotelli seems to think he is everything at times as well. Joey Barton, not many people like him, and he thinks he is all it!... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Holland : team of individuals

Shocking Euro tournament for them. I didn't see all their matches but I saw Holland Vs Portugal, and I have to say I thought a lot of the players were selfish with the ball. Gutted not to see Vorm play!... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Cardiff change kit & badge

I know, I was just trying to prove a point in saying that you shouldn't judge success by colour. You couldn't let me have my moment in the sun could you! Ha, joking, no I know, but someone made a comment below saying that people were complaining about the lack of red in the England kit.... - 7 years

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... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on NO SYMPATHY FOR RANGERS

Pathetic, I'd never want to see any team go out of business. Even Scumdiff! No matter what their religon, gender or race is. The most important thing is that they play the best game in the world, which is of course, football!... - 7 years

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... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on What Will Happen?

I don't know, only time will tell! Most of the players have been loyal so far, but I don't think any team has come in with an actual offer yet. The only player who has said he won't be leaving this season is Michel Vorm.... - 7 years

NEW POST   Cymrurhif1 added What Will Happen?

With an allready rocky start to the transfer market, where do you place the Swans for next season? With Gylfi looking to going to Liverpool, no new signing yet and a new manager with quiet a lot to do. Confidence isn't at its highest, but where can you see the Swans finishing next season?... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Bale is now the new target!

Still an amizing player, I think people are a little too critical over Bale. But still, he is no Messi! He is a diver, and can be a little lazy at times, but he still young, and he is Welsh. I think Tottenham is just the right club for him, maybe when he is older, a bigger club will sign him, he would be played more often then aswell.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on To Celtic?

@Stokecity11 I think I did know that, somewhere in the back of my mind. I am very forgetful. Thankyou for reminding me. Wigan still can't afford to lose their best players though.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on AVB to Spurs...

This is the first I have heard of this. I heard that Moyes has been linked, but he has said there has been no contact from the club. I think AVB wouldn't be a bad choice in all honesty. There is less pressure at Tottenham compared with Chelsea, plus he wasn't given a lot of time at Chelsea. It takes time for managers to adjust, although he probably... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Who will win Euro 2012

I actually think they could win (Germany), not trying to get on England fans nerves, although I probably do that anyway!... - 7 years

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... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Would you take Harry as Engand manager right now instead of Woy?

Oh my god! Not this again, for gods sake stop complaining people. Lets face it Harry Redknapp has had a pretty shadowy past. Be thankful you have an experienced manager.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on It's official Michael Laudrup is swansea new manager !

Our managers often have short contracts when they first start. Paulo Sousa, Brendan Rodgers and Micheal Laudrup all had short contracts to start. Personaly, chuffed about this, should keep our style of play, and can hopefully bring in some top-notch players.... - 7 years

Cymrurhif1 commented on Michael Laudrup New Swans Manager?

At least other people find it funny, I have the three lions as my profile pic. I might actually die!... - 7 years