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Big toon fan! Hope that we can progress again next season!

Danott commented on Which manager will bite the dust FIRST this season?

Hughes. He's likely to be gone and then as soon as he is the 24,000 players he's bought might gel and then they club will be fine but he'll still be out of a job. QPR have the talent, just don't have any teamwork!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Can you only get a England call up if you play for a top football team?

I'd rather have Matt Jarvis...someone who has proved he's capable in the prem to do something special every now and again. Yeh ok...Sterling is gonna see what it's like to be in that atmosphere, but Jarvis is hardly old and past it and will want to experience too. Plus a better chance of being an england player by WC.... - 7 years

Danott commented on Our five worst ever transfers?

I'm sorry have we all forgotten about the disaster/liability which was Titus Bramble? How many mistakes penalties and points were conceded thanks to him??... - 7 years

Danott commented on Newcastle are bigger than Liverpool ..

I agree with this group...biased though I may be. Liverpool are going through a stage of changing their team and naturally this takes a bit of time. So right now...Newcastle have a better more stable team capable of playing at the highest level.... - 7 years

Danott commented on Sunderland Sign Fletcher & Johnson is in talks at the SOL

These are 2 great buys for Sunderland and 2 guys that I have always really liked. Force to be reckoned with!... - 7 years

Danott commented on EPL week 2

Looking forward to the Chelsea v Newcastle game. Both have started well, and both missing a few players. Should be awesome!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Welcome back Europa Football

Pardew makes 9 changes from his weekend line-up! Hmmm...interesting!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Name players that were meant to the be the next big thing but ended up failing!

Just at Newcastle alone there's Jenas (already mentioned) Kieron Dyer, Wayne Routledge to name just a few! :)... - 7 years

Danott commented on Arsenal set to swoop for Newcastle's Cheick Tiote in bid to bolster squad.

He'd never be sold for 15mil. They are gonna be more like a 20mil given what he has done for the club and that he has years left on his contract yet. No panic selling here!... - 7 years

NEW POST   Danott added Welcome back Europa Football

Well it's back. Want to know your predictions for tonight? What do you think is gonna happen tonight?... - 7 years

Danott commented on Does Pardew deserve to be punished after shoving linesman?

I think that he's done all he can to minimise the penalty he'll get from the FA. but still think he's going to get at least 3 matches. He may have owned up to his mistake but reckon the FA will make an example out of him!... - 7 years

Danott commented on The Opening Day: Live Discussion and Post Match Reaction

Not the old Newcastle...but we seem to be transformed from the team of yester-year. Perhaps you are living in the past. Liverpool aren't top 6 anymore. I'd take our squad over yours tbh. Transformation? Change in times?... - 7 years

Danott commented on Debuchy to sign for Chelsea as Mike Ashley and Newcastle refuse to pay £10 million price!

I really need to know why we have failed to back up a position that we have very little depth in! Not best pleased!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Newcastle United Reach Deal With Ajax For Vurnon Anita

Me too. I don't think we'll get another CB in this window. Just ain't gonna be enough money!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Jack Rodwell to Manchester City

I don't think he'll ever play. At least not this season. Yet another young English player has gone to city and wasted a few years of their career!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Will any youngsters break through this season?

I hope vuckic gets the chance to play more this season. Also want Shane to get his chance! If Sameobi gets some game time too then awesome!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Did his tackle deserve a red card?

One of those tackles that could go either way. Understand it being red but gonna be criticised for being harsh. Friend has been a little card happy though!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Does Neymar deserve the hype ?

He might be. But he's a kid with HUGE hype around him. But I don't think he'll live up to it all. what makes him different?... - 7 years

Danott commented on Would you rather be a regular or a bench warmer getting paid double?

When we're kids we dream of playing our fav sport for a living. Money doesn't come into it at that stage. At what point does it become OK to say...actually I can't be arsed to live my dream...mail me my check...I'll go improve my golf handicap!... - 7 years

Danott commented on When did things go wrong

It's not as if we all didnt see this coming. I can see him ending up in China with Drogba. Where money is no issue and they want a big name. Only place he's gonna get that sort of money. Nowhere in the Prem is gonna pay wages and personal transfer fee of that amount! RIDICULOUS!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Deserves The Call-Up?

Can't think anyone expected this call-up? A talent as far as I've seen, but I'm getting echos of Walcott in 2006 WC. This might be just a friendly, but when you don't play regular club, Wembley could build your confidence way up or destroy it with a bad performance.... - 7 years

Danott commented on Is he too old?

Just watch as Gerrard is used less and less as time passes. He will always be their inspirational figure, but Rodgers' toughest task will be trying to get the team doing well without him, and believing they wont need him to win!... - 7 years

Danott commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

It is always a bad sign when a club who were HUGE and now they appoint someone and you just think..."who????" BAD APPOINTMENT!... - 7 years

NEW POST   Danott added Retired: Legend for the club or just took up room/wages?

Ledley King was always a player with huge potential and on his day he was described as world class. But to me to be world class you have to be able to do it every week. Consistently being able to hold your team together. King spent more time injured than he did playing.... Don't get me wrong. I have huge respect for the guy, and I am not taking an... - 7 years

NEW POST   Danott added O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

Sven was in the hunt but Forest have gone for O'Driscoll instead. Is this the right choice? Linked Player: Sean O'Driscoll... - 7 years

Danott commented on Which 3 Teams Do You See Getting Relegated In The Coming Season?

Swansea (without Rogers), Wigan (surely not escape again), Reading.... - 7 years

Danott commented on Gosling to fight for 1st-team football...

Ah right I see. Well that'll be a bonus for us. Altho I'm not sure which I would rather lose. We do struggle without Tiote!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Is it his time?

Ok. Think that's fair comment mate. Here's hoping that we get to see some of the potential result in results!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Dempsey to LFC

On the Liverpool owner's website they are claiming now that they have signed Dempsey. Just me or is this all sounding a little bit fishy/confusing!... - 7 years

Danott commented on Why Carroll Deal Makes Sense & Isn't Dead Yet

Ba could go for as little as 7mil for the end of the month because it's in his contract that he can be released. And Ba/Cisse would both be gone at the next Cup of Nations so we need someone in reserve. And his knee is clearly not mashed as he has played the entire of last season without a problem??... - 7 years