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Second time around writing for RYP. All round Wordsmith and banter extraordinaire!

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Gasher346 commented on Manchester United planes

And yet they'll be cheering his name in a few weeks...Petulant.... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on England World Cup Squad

Would have loved to have seen Townsend and Rodriguez in that squad...... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on Congratulations

Although I don't agree with the 'Moneybag' policy, it still makes for good football. City have had the depth and quality to to see this season through and play attractive football in the process.... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

Outrageous price. Southampton would be foolish to turn it down. However it's a tricky one. The lad has talent no doubt and a good left-back is valuable but he's yet to provide evidence of progression and improvement, both of which take a couple of years to properly analyse. A good world cup might justify the price tag a bit more.... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on The Villa are in deep doo doo:-/

I went to watch Villa against Southampton the other week and it was 'Kieron Dyer' to say the least. There was no ambition to get forward, You need a complete revamp including the manager.... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on Alves 1-0 Racism

I've always figured that the best way to combat racism is to stop talking about it. This guy takes it a step further...Bravo.... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on Adnan Januzaj opts to represent Belgium

Hmmm but Januzaj is such a British name! Personally I think players with several potential international allegiances should have their international playing fate decided by a panel or something.... - 5 years

NEW POST   Gasher346 added Adnan Januzaj opts to represent Belgium

So the young Manchester United winger has decided to represent Belgium in international football.Januzaj could have potentially represented England in the future but that ship has now sailed. Have we missed out here? And has he made the right decision?... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on Can Liverpools season pave the way for a bright world cup for England?

I must be watching the wrong bits on MOTD then :P... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on Managerial Changes before the 2014/15 season

Clubs these days do not give managers enough time to turn things around. Manchester United had the perfect chance to set an example by keeping Moyes in until at least Xmas. Now, job security for managers is as perilous as ever! He was never going to match Ferguson in any way, shape or form. It's foolish to think he could in a matter of months. Moye... - 5 years

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