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Gazpenk commented on Manchester United Finally splash the cash.

No excuses now...Some good signings but think they still need a center back linchpin. Allowing Rio, Evra and Vidic to leave in the same season was madness. Hopefully their new defensive acquisitions can step up to the mark.... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Transfer Deadline Day

A team like Arsenal need another striker and cannot soley rely on Giroud. As for Danny Welbeck, no big loss for Utd if he goes. He's a good worker but I just don't see what he's done for club and country over the last few years. Seriously overrated player. Sad to see Hernandez go though...weird move for him, can't see him getting much playing time... - 5 years

NEW POST   Gazpenk added Transfer Deadline Day

It's that time of year again when the deadline day newsfeed takes priority over your Monday morning work schedule. Here are the deadline day headlines (as of 11:00pm) : Man Utd agree loan deal for Monaco striker Radamel Falcao with a view to buy after a year Aston Villa's Karim El Ahmadi joins Dutch club Feyenoord Micah Richards to Florentina... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Angel Di Maria does not look happy to be at United.

This pretty much sums it up...... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Had your chance

The way I see it, a good team is either made up of several very good players or 1 amazing player with a team built around him. It's crucial that a team pinpoints the strength in a squad and manages it in such a way that brings out the best of the best. Liverpool did this and are now left to re-structure their plans accordingly.... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Paul scholes is he right?

Di Maria is a good start but certainly need more. Man Utd seem to be going through a transitional period which i reckon will take a year or two to complete before any glimpse of success can be witnessed for the Utd faithful.... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Reinas pointless move

Reina must know that he's gone to Bayern as an understudy to Neuer who is unquestionably the number one choice. It's not so much a challenge for the starting 11, more of a solid backup. personally always thought he's a great keeper who doesn't deserve to be on the bench but such is life.... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Brazil...

The defence looked too static and completely clueless without any kind of authority or leadership. David Luiz shows signs of greatness but does not tick all the boxes for me and is too much of a liability to be given such an important role on an international level.... - 5 years

NEW POST   Gazpenk added Brazil...

Now that we've all vented our disbelief over last night...what do we think happened? Did the pressure of the occasion finally get to Brazil given that this was their first major test of the tournement? Or could they really have just fallen apart without Neymar and Thiago Silva? Surely the mighty Brazil do no depend on one or two players for success... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

What about this then:... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on "Why I want England to lose."

On the contrary....I think the majority of level headed England fans knew we were never going to achieve wonders in this years tournament. I partially agree with you! England needs to recognise that it is no longer one of the big boys and that tournament progression is no longer an expectation. The point many of us are trying to get across is that... - 5 years

Gazpenk up voted the following comment - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Ross barkley fantastic player

Failed to make an impact so far for England but most definitely showing potential. Needs a few years to build his confidence on an international level.... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Is this the worst Brazil team you have ever seen?

They lack the free-flowing glittering style of play which we are so used to seeing. Frustrating because the potential for it is there but the application is not.... - 5 years

NEW POST   Gazpenk added England 1 - 2 Uruguay...Your thoughts?

Another dissapointing defeat for England.England looked shaky and lacklustre in Sao Paulo last night against a Uruguay side that capitalised on nervous defending and sloppy errors. The three lions were figured out from the start as their usual tactic of long balls and sideways play didn't pay dividends against the South Americans who benefited grea... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Lambert making dream move to Anfield?

Done Deal for 4mil. Not a lot of money for an international striker but not long to go in a career that has only just taken off at a high level.... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Van Gaal finally announced as Manchester United manager

Can predict success as long as they give him a chance and he spends funds wisely... - 5 years

Gazpenk commented on Who is better Zidane or Messi?

When Messi shows of his talent for another club and for his country...then he'll be know as the greatest.... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Robbie Fowler training with Blackpool

I knew he had ventured East a few years ago but I genuinely thought he had retired by now.... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Liverpool Vs Arsenal predictions

Lol very drole... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Scott Parker picked as England Captain, why not Gerrard???

Only 10 England caps and he's made sense in that when you've got well established players like Cole, Rooney, Gerrard and even Barry lining up for it...I guess he's just being rewarded for his recent POTY award.... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Bent out for Season - is McLeish looking over his shoulder?

You wanna try supporting Walsall thats a frustrating business lol... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Scott Parker named England player of the year

Parker has been made captain!... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Best sportsmen in the game, Past and Present?

Yeh I know lol. But that moment of won't see anything like that in todays game.... - 7 years

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A voted for by the fans! Linked Player: Scott Parker... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Worst player in the Prem. What other clubs would he get into?

Tbf I don't like judging players when they're still young...they still have so much to prove...when he's 27 and still crap, then the criticism may commence!... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on One of the worst managers in the league?

Very harsh saying he's one of the worst but is yet to harness the the full potential of LFC. His methods are too monolithic for the modern day premeir league. Got to bring quality into the squad instead of palming the fans of Liverpool off with the likes of Henderson, Carroll and Adam.... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Spain Drop Torres

Worthy of at least a place on the bench but the Spain manager has to be fair...if he's not performing then he won't be picked!... - 7 years

Gazpenk commented on Wolves appoint Terry Connor

Yup, seems's just because noone wants to enter the rats nest that is the Molineux!... - 7 years