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Genius commented on Weird pre-match interview from Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert

Is this true? I can't find a link or video anywhere. Not saying I don't believe you, just find it interesting..... - 5 years

Genius commented on Managerial Changes before the 2014/15 season

You never know who can become available to a club, meaning even managers like Pellegrini and Allardyce are never 100% safe.... - 5 years

Genius commented on To all the people who said Man Utd can finish 4th.You got it wrong this team is woeful.

Nani has been injured, Hernandez obviously can't play football, he can only put the ball in the net when he's not offside, and often the rest of the team are playing well. Wouldn't put it past ANY manager trying to remould the team to accommodate a better player, and as forwards go, Welbeck improves the TEAM performance much more than Hernandez d... - 5 years

Genius commented on Is Nike about to buy Old Trafford for 500 million

Care to guess at the value of tradition? The actual monetary value of it? Especially over a long period of time? How tradition and values can directly influence global endearment towards a club like Manchester United and contribute towards keeping its fan base as strong as ever into the future? Therefore directly influencing revenue. Let's say we... - 5 years

Genius commented on Which Man Utd players should be shown the door and why?

Oh and Hernandez. God there's some many choices!..... - 5 years

Genius commented on David Moyes sacked after less than a season in charge

Fellani.. and to be fair, Mata (when we already had Kagawa). Remember when Andy Grey used to say "take a bow son"?.. yeah the opposite of that.... - 5 years

Genius commented on David Moyes has been sacked by mid table club Manchester United.

Championez Championez Oh way Oh way Oh way! God Moyes had a wrinkly face. Get Klopp in please, and Reus, and Gundogan, and Shaw, and Coleman, and Herrera, and Mangala! Let's do it! Oh the excitement! Feels good not being your average 7th placed team in the league. Still Man United, STILL Champ20ns.. and still the biggest club in the World... Nice... - 5 years

Genius commented on Adnan Januzaj opts to represent Belgium

I think it was the right thing to do. Good luck to him. Belgium are putting together a decent team these days.... - 5 years

Genius commented on MOYES NEEDS TO GO

One can't help but feel if he hadn't have been Scottish he would never have got the job in the first place. God he had a wrinkly face..... - 5 years

Genius commented on MUFC From the chosen one to the cheating one

Oh and Mangala.. Oh the excitement! It's not all doom and gloom at United.... - 5 years

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5 years

Genius commented on When will it be time for Rooney to drop back and become the next Paul Scholes..

@TheDannyGordon The question was originally about becoming a midfielder in his mid to late 30's. It's something that has not only been discussed amongst fans, but between Wayne and the manager himself. He's been tried out there before and said he enjoyed it.. and ultimately.. instead of retiring earlier than he should.. (around the age Shearer did)... - 6 years

Genius commented on Change in rules

Putting a limit on the amount of transfers is a daft idea. Sorry.... - 6 years

Genius commented on Carroll for £35m -- Torres for £50m -- Robinho for £32m -- Shevchenko for £30m -- OR -- Berbatov for £30m

That's a fair conclusion to this discussion. Bye bye Berbatov. Thanks for the hattrick agaisnt the scum.... - 6 years

Genius commented on New signing on the horizon

You might be right there..... - 6 years

Genius commented on Do FA's have an agenda or bias to one team/

"United were 5th or 6th in terms of the amount of penalties awarded in our favour".. *over the past 10 years*... - 6 years

Genius commented on Prem announce U21s competition

I don't see how it's going to "ensure they have the best possible chance of progressing" any more so than playing week in week out in the current reserve league format.. a league that often boasts (recovering/cast aside) players of a higher standard than those who will be fielded in this age limited competition. If the F.A. think that clubs are goi... - 6 years

NEW POST   Genius added Let's have a little FUN: What's your all time favourite PREMIERSHIP goal... ?

Paul Scholes' volley against Aston Villa is mine, but I also liked Bergkamp's flick round the back of the defender, Zola's backheel volley agaisnt Norwich.. and ofc Rooney's bicycle kick against Sheikh Mansour FC. Brilliant! Post the video if you'd like.. so we can all re-live/enjoy each others selections. Cheers. - 6 years

Genius commented on Staying or going?

Should stay and not go to Manche$ter City... *says the bitter United fan*. Though I can see why City want to bench Lescott now they're going for the Champions League.... - 6 years

Genius commented on Celtic vs Aberdeen - SPL Opener 2012/13 Season!

Celtic to win this game.. !! :roll:... - 6 years

Genius commented on Saga is over.

Liverpool have made some woeful signings in the last 3 or 4 seasons.. Players that should never have been bought in the first place.. or players that just did not work out. Last summer summed it all up really. Aquilani will go back to Italy and start performing again. Decent player.... - 6 years

Genius commented on All star League vs League

This would be good, but won't happen. I remember going to the United vs European XI game back in 2007 (I think), it was a great spectacle and a lot of fun. @ Baldersmith North vs South would be sweeeet!... - 6 years

Genius commented on Is Wenger a hypocrite?

@KICKOFF.. Yes so Fergie is a hypocrite as well as Mr Wenger.. You answered the question indirectly. :coolsmirk:... - 6 years

Genius commented on Who will go down?

Right.. I'm going to bed.. see you at the next World Cup.... - 6 years

Genius commented on What is Andy Carroll REALLY worth...

Lol.. Obertan is hilarious. I remember sitting at Old Trafford next to my brother, and as he was warming up to come on for his debut.. we said to each other: "right what is this guy all about, what is he good at, what have we bought him for".. - "well - he's really fast and he's supposed to be a GREAT dribbler"... first thing he does when he come... - 6 years

Genius commented on Will this be Fergie's last season as United Gaffer?

No mate, just totally forgot for a couple weeks and thought **** it.. cba managing this!... - 6 years

Genius commented on How many more TROPHYLESS seasons can Arsene Wenger get away with...

True. Even if they were going to sack him, they'd offer him the chance to resign before hand..... - 6 years

Genius commented on Who will do a better job relative to their resources available: Brendan Rogers at Liverpool or..

Villa was a step up for Paul Lambert, even though they finished below Norwich last season.... - 6 years