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when everyone is zigging, i zag!!

J17nnv commented on Why I think Messi is better than Ronaldo

Lots of people have commented on the fact ronaldo is less likeable than messi but thats completely irrelevant in the who is better question, if were talking direct football it is very difficult, both pose different threats...personally i think ronaldo is a better player as he can diversify the way he plays, hes never been injured so how the fitness... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Top 10 best-paid coaches/managers in 2012-13

How is it possible that wenger earns more than fergie....ridiculous!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Kagawa looked great today? If he stays fit could he become world class?

I think its really tough for united to win this with real being sooo good on the counter attack,playing away, ronaldo is likely to score a screamer and start crying lol....as for kagawa he has to play as the left sided force behind van persie with rooney to the right, allowing 4-3-3 formation, obvs choices are for wellbeck and giggs to be subs for... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on PSG in Rooney link

Just leave it there mate, theres no way this guy will understand us, he has his opinions we have ours, we both no rooney's no midfielder and walks into any side int he world, we cant say that for ibra can we? argument, debate, woteva this is over for me lol, nice to see sum1 else have the opinion of rooney that i do tho... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Young Player? Top 3

Well i dunno whether were talking english leagues or the world here cos el sharaawy etc are being touted but for domestic leagues here in uk, and also taking into account of 22 being my stop off point any older and your into bale (world class), hernandez(scoring 15 from the bench) etc territory mine would have to be....Ben Davies, has been maginifi... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Cardiff City to become Cardiff dragons!

I think the club have no option really, hes put 56 million into the club already and has given them the best chance of promotion possible this year with the players they acquired, as for changing the name i think its silly but hes a business man and thats what they do, every1 said the same about united american owners but their making much more mon... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Best goal you've seen at the game?

Ronaldo's thunderbolt freekick against portsmouth, david james didnt move was the best strike of a ball ive ever seen live...my dad's a season ticket holder and he said it was as good as the moment of king cantona for him and thats saying something...... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Who would save you?

Mario balotelli or leighton baines, neither have misses a professional penalty... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Bluebirds/Red dragons flying high

Well to be fair most of it usually is to wind the other people up, i just laugh at u a lot...glad u accepted the apology tho i was just raging about potter the t0sser!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Who has the best ground in the country?

How the #### has bolton away got anything to do with me, my comment or the fact u made a rubbish link to a drummer needing to be at a ground to start an atmosphere, i usually laugh at your stuff trying to wind people up and that but this is very very poor banter and if its not that then its a disastrous bit of sporting knowledge!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Goal of the season so far!

How anybody is looking past suarez moment of magic when he takes it on his chest and round the keeper, the ability to do that is insane!!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on What's your best utd team?

Yh agreed he wasnt particularly loads stronger on his right side i just felt he fitted th utd team better when he was there but thats all opinions aint it, beckham was the ultimate pro and an absolute ledge so i cudnt leave him out but giggs still being there and still running games like a boss when he plays deserves to be int he team for me...here... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Coming into his own!

Cudnt agree more I'm to a fan or hernandez at all, he seems to lose possession much to often and has very little to offer defensively i think he's a fail personally, where as rout ledge is probably 4th person on my team sheet every week, only michu, chico, williams and de guzman go in front really...awesome player... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Will we cope without a legitimate striker?

Yeah exactly this is what my post meant really, theres no worry of them going down obviously but will they slip down the table due to there being no plan b now, no graham who has scored all but 2 times he's played this season to change formation or add another attacker...with it all down to michu i wud of liked to have seen sum1 to come in at least... - 6 years

NEW POST   J17nnv added Will we cope without a legitimate striker?

With danny graham being sold and no replacement being brought in, will swansea survive without a legitimate premier league striker, i mean moore and shelter are not good enough in my opinion, will be slip down the table??... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on What is he worth?

@KingDaniel well after people crediting to know wot u talk about if u were to check the stats ull see that he's scored 10 goals this season with an average of a goal every 2.3 games, now surely coming from a defensive midfielder...as i said deep lying, thats a very good strike ratio? if u want to be cultish its fair enuf but please know wot ur babb... - 6 years

NEW POST   J17nnv added What is he worth?

So he looks to be a fantastic player and is a deep lying scoring midfielder, something fergie loves, what u think his value is and will celtic be able to say no if fergie comes calling? Linked Player: Victor Wanyama... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Arsenal and United target

No course hes not hes saying thats wer he regained his form, if anything wen he arrived at fulham he had lost his way, built his reputation back up and then got a move to united!... - 6 years

NEW POST   J17nnv added Injury lawyers for u being called in for ball boy with a hazard in work!!

Every1 else was having a go, thats mine!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Swansea city vs Chelsea (2nd leg)

U are correct in saying most cardiff and the same went for swansea fans hadnt dumped their premier league teams untill they do or did hit the premier league, i for 1 was a big admirer of united as my favourite player ever was roy keane and untill swansea were there i watched united on the telly, i went to swansea games but if i didnt make the away... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Swans seal Lamah loan

Well if he did leave the away kit changes and id have a memorabilia of a great player who helped the swans to a great win over stoke, scoring 2 and 1 of them being in contention for goal of the season...im not too disheartened i must admt...and as has said hes asked to extend his stay with us anyway, hell be laudrups first signing of the summer be... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on ''Alan Pardew, I love you''

Hahahaaha BRILLIANT!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on How will they react?

Exactly what ive said today mate...4-0 thrashing to get the fans right ###### off and give adkins the i told u so type approach to their boardroom... - 6 years

NEW POST   J17nnv added How will they react?

I think down to the completely awful decision of sacking Adkins southampton are now in a spot of bother. I m not trying to take anything away from the new manager his credentials speak for themselves what he did with espanyol with very little outlay or funding, but can u see the players taking to him, are they going to go back to what they were lik... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Snowy Saturday

Liverpool, everton, city treble is a walk on aint it....50 quid bet is 167 back... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Swansea top target is Kenwyne Jones!

Im looking at it with a different opinion myself, im a huge graham fan but i like his other attributes, off the ball runs he makes, chasing down defenders, pressurising for mistakes, that was his biggest attribute last season, now dont get me wrong the 15 goals in the premier league is no mean feat but im saying he suited swanseas pass the ball aro... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Nolan and Lambert for England!

What a mental idea...the point of friendlies are to give those a chance that either in the future or now can have an impact on the side, giving lambert or nolan a call up would be merely a sympathy cap! how could u possibly replace rooney, wellbeck, sturridge (not a fan myself), defoe, crouch, with lambert i mean if crouchy's not being called up he... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Exactly what we need?

Rodgers is building a team around experience tho, the same way fergie did when he brought beckham and neville etc through....he has 4 players who are there and have been for a long time, 2 superstars and then hes put 5 kids in who in 3 seasons time will be achieving and along with that he would have added better players to the squad...i mean skrtel... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Physcos.

Tough 1 to call it between vidic and agger but i think the proper hardmad is sunderlands center midfielder lee catermole, and i rekon james milner may throw a tidy right hook!!... - 6 years

J17nnv commented on Statistics, but do they make you agree...

Another fantastic display by chico yesterday, him and williams were tremendous at the back!!... - 6 years