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Joelisajack commented on Wayne Rooney is not World Class?

Why dribble past 2 players when you can pass it past 3? He is an engine, Rooney and Carrick make that team click.... - 6 years

Joelisajack commented on Pat Nevin

Cheers for the help mate, being a Swansea fan, I get wound up by the great Dane being referred to as Brian Laudrup.... - 6 years

NEW POST   Joelisajack added Pat Nevin

Does Pat Nevin know anything about football? I just watched his 'insight' on David Silva, he goes on to talk about how he and various other technical players can make a key pass under pressure. Getting a job for the BBC must be so easy. Every word he, Alan Shearer, Gary Linekar and Mark Lawrenson spout out is utter garbage. They spend most of MOT... - 6 years

Joelisajack commented on Racist scum

Yes Millwall have a serious problem, but it is not all of the fans there, every club in this country has racism in the stands. Millwall already have a bad reputation for violence (not helped there by @MillwallDon) so it's easy to just put the blame on them. The way the club handled the situation is appalling and they should be held accountable for... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Remy out for up to 2/3 months..

Well I don't hate QPR as a whole, I hate the way they are run, success accomplished by wealthy backers, I think it's killing the game, causing problems like the Odemwingie situation. Players choosing to join QPR over bigger better clubs just for cash. Just my opinion, and that's why I wish all teams of these tactics to do poorly. Though your fans s... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Hazard kicks ball boy

So you're all saying you wouldn't waste time if you were in his position? Yes he was being slow but it's not like he was kicking the ball away as players do, not worth chasing him for a couple of seconds. Also I don't think Chelsea are in any position to complain about play acting. All he did is what he sees his idols do every single game. Ball boy... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on January Transfer Talk

Everyone to QPR... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Brian Laudrup

You do realise this was a wind up. You lot are so gullable hahaha I'm embarrassed by your poor sense of humour. It's just laughable that people like Gary Lineker And Jamie Redknapp etc still call him Brian. You all took the bait.... - 7 years

NEW POST   Joelisajack added Brian Laudrup

I think he's a fantastic manager. Brian has exceeded all of my expectations this season. I think his managerial career will take him as far as his playing career did. What do you think the future holds for Brian? Linked Player: Michael Laudrup... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Worst Prem XI

Worst SPL XI then... He's never played in the PL before so surely he can't be included. In that case I'm probably one of the worst PL players...... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on 11 match ban!

My thought's are with the family of the poor referee.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Vorm or Tremmel?

Has Tremmel REALLY been tested though? Hasn't made any great saves, and Vorm I'm sure would have saved 2 of Norwich's goals last week. Great problem to have though.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Have a look

I'm not new here, I tend to look at these miscellaneous threads occasionally, but I choose not to contribute to them, but this one really takes the #### for me. Hey if people want to talk about this kinda stuff that's cool by me, I will just go elsewhere and use a forum dedicated to football, like this one was originally. If the mods and founders... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Can he still offer anything for Arsenal?

Has a lot to give, he changed Arsenal's season last year.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Where would we be if we didnt have huw jenkins

Non league team most probably.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Who is next?

Who would want to? I'm wondering if he will take on QPR, big challenge for him and it would wind up Chelsea so much. But I don't think Chelsea would have sacked him so quickly unless they had someone big lined up like Pep or Rafa. I don't think Abramovich ever liked RDM, he seemed hesitant to take him on just after the Champions league, and that wa... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Frimpong joins Charlton on loan

Championship, prepare to be Frimponged.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on What was the best goal that you've ever scored?

- THIS, hit the post a minute later too. Absolute blinder.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Mark Clattenburg: If found guilty will it be the end of his career and is that right?

Unlikely you'll get away with rape/murder/necrophilia on a football pitch... Not such an issue IMO... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on What footballer do you play like?

Kind of Like Walcott, lots of pace, can get past a player, but always end up in a useless position. Very strange I'm very good at passing over longer distances and crossing, but quick short passes always a struggle for some reason. Some days I'll finish every chance perfectly, then another day I'll miss everything horribly. Got player of the Season... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Jose Enrique bald???

Haha good lad.... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Is Rooney world class ??

He is in the eyes of DreamWorks... He made them **** loads of money in 2001!... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on How to become a professional manager??

Brendan has an interesting story, he was a pro defender briefly as a youngster, then had a career ending injury. Then joined Reading as a youth coach. Whilst at Reading, he regularly went to Spain to study the game. Following this, Jose Mourinho offered him the position of youth coach at Chelsea, then promoted him to reserve team manager. From ther... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Best players on Fifa 13?

I hate how overpowered David Luiz is AGAIN!... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on £10 million pound bid for Zaha by Tottenham!

Come to Swansea!!... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Do shirt number matter anymore?

Balotelli #45... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on LFC baggies Do u give a crap???

*At the moment... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on Swansea v everton game

I hate fans leaving early, but what I hate more is seeing empty seats at the beginning of the match. It's their cash that will shape our future!... - 7 years

Joelisajack commented on England call ups!

Maybe the FA aren't happy with a Welsh team playing in the Premier League? By overlooking our English players is insulting to them, will unsettle them and encourage them to join a team the other side of the river, therefore weakening our team to get us relegated. I hope one day Cardiff, Wrexham and Newport all make it to the top, just to really p**... - 7 years