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Born the same month as fergie took charge at OT so you will all gather im 25, im from Dublin Ireland crazy united fan that loves a banther about the game and i try my best to see every match on the box to the disgust of my GF.

Keithmarkutd commented on Opinions on Zaha? World beater or show pony?

Ronaldo started off being a show pony but had the talent to back it up zaha has only just made the step up and needs time to adjust to the league I think he will feature but will not start ahead of valencia just yet unless Valencia plays like he did last season of course!!! Time will tell how good this kid could be, added pressure of playing for E... - 6 years

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Keithmarkutd commented on Liverpool top 4?

They will improve from the #### 7th place of last but they will finished 5th and that would be a good season for Liverpool... - 6 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Where will Newcastle finish this season?

Not looking good but Newcastle are hard to predict over the years but if I was to throw my hat in I would say 14th... - 6 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Why sell Rooney?

Seems Rooney wants to leave considering he is not saying he wants to stay or go he needs to let the fans know what's going on!! He is class lets be honest something was missing from united all pre season and that is the class of Rooney... - 6 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Is Ronaldo coming back to UTD?

The number 7 shirt was given up when the season ended everyone thought he was coming back then, I would give it one more season and see but as a united fan it would be great to see but it won't be this season that's for sure!!... - 6 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Who's the better manager: Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho?

Fergie as he has rebuilt united over and over Jose is a fantastic manager but being at one club this long and staying successful throughout is why I will go for Fergie, when Fergie goes I would live Jose to take over at utd... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Results business

Liverpool need to spend to build around Suarez he can't keep doing it week in week out if he dips in form I can't see we're liverpools goals are coming from so if rogers gets the money I think he will do the job he is a very good manager... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Who should sign him?

He should join a championship side give him playing time and go from there hard to jump in to a prem side straight away there is a lot of top class keepers in the league hard to break in as we seen a Sunderland... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on What are your predictions for relegation in the EPL?

Wishful thinking from you united will finish ahead of arsenal Fact!!!... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Help me

Long consistent doesn't score enough but a safe bet... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Cats or dogs?

I have two dogs I had a cat R.I.P still prefer cats... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Best football Broadcaster?

Has to be sky even before a game they have a video of the two sides about to battle it's like a movie and gets adrenaline/nerves going can't be beaten SKY for me. P.S still love MOTD though :)... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Suarez or Balotelli? Who's better?

Balotelli is a class player but his attitude on and off the pitch reflects on his performance he could easily be world class but needs to stop acting like he is the best player in the world and get on with his game. To answer the question I think Suarez is a better player even with all the controversy he puts it to the back of his head and plays c... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Friend -Zone

That's what I thought it was to be honest but the friend zone doesn't seem like a bad thing as long as people behave then it could only be a positive thing... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Dirty Coloccini: Suarez has embarrassed you

I would rather players to go in for the ball if they come through the player so be it but players trying to keep another out of the game by consult taken them down because they're better is just stupid, and no I'm not a Moron or a total idiot I... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Luis Suarez EPL's best player after 10 games?

Besides all the other stuff said about him he is a top player having a great season so far but being honest and yes I am united fan but I think rvp has being fantastic this season. I think if Suarez had better quality around him he would be even better.... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Man City vs Sunderland Predictions

I think Sunderland are doing well under O'Neill and could be a a hard test for the City i can see a draw 1-1... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Nervous and won't celebrate against former club

I have a good feeling he will score but it wont make up for the awful season he has had... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Petrov diagnosed with leukaemia

@TheDannyGordon as are we all hope the best for him on this very sad day.... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on

... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Aguero's mystery injury

He got a paper cut off all the money he was counting :gulp:... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on What has he done to deserve all this??

He is passed it really was good in his day but Villa need a new young forward which is sad really because Heskey has a had a great career but there comes a time to hang up the boots i think its time now for that.... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Will teams catch on to our style of play?

Swansea adopted this style of play from Barcalona and why not its lovely to watch and long may that continue but like all styles of play teams adapt and things then change so the style will then change.... - 7 years

NEW POST   Keithmarkutd added Petrov diagnosed with leukaemia

Very sad news to hear about Petrov lets hope he gets through this.... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Clear out at Villa

McLeish should go he has done nothing there, the fans dont like him they were making progress last season as small as it was its not as bad as now... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Newcastle V Liverpool predictions?

Newcastle are a hard team to play that is why they are ahead of liverpool but i can see liverpool nicking it tbh their going to have to bounce back after recent games this could be like a cup final for them.... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on HAS MANCINI SET HIMSELF UP FOR A FALL??

I agree he cant handle the two of them and did himself no favours taken Tevez back.... - 7 years

NEW POST   Keithmarkutd added Clear out at Villa

With all this going on about Emile Heskey not having any contract talks until the end of the season and Carlos Cueller and Brad Guzen holding initial talks do you think Villa should do a clear out of their lack luster players. Who Should Go??? (Manager)????... - 7 years

Keithmarkutd commented on Why does Micah never start for England?? Hes improved so much under Mancini and IMO by far englands best righ back

I dont understand this to be honest he has been exceptional this season everone is going crazy over kompany in the centre but i think this lad is underated and has been top class consistantly all season at right back he should be in the squad/ start for Enland in the euros.... - 7 years