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Kenny commented on Did you hear this Januzaj news?

Good on the lad!... - 5 years

NEW POST   Kenny added Positve Football Vs Negative Football

Some say that Tony Pulis is too negative when it comes to his football philosophy. Do you think the players you have determine the football you play? Does Pulis risk Prem survival for the sake of positive football? Was it Hull that came to the Prem trying to play football and in the end it backfired.... - 5 years

Kenny commented on Shelvey will relegate swansea

Thats a bit harsh. I think they used him incorrectly in the second half if i'm honest..... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Oh dear.. Arsenal.. You lot just love to be the banter of the season...... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Opinions on Zaha? World beater or show pony?

The guy is clearly learning and he will be a jack in the box for utd this season. I think he will make a good impression but also annoy the hell out of me. If im honest he looks a much better player at this age than hat Ronaldo was the same age. Ronaldo had no end product at all at this age.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Is Ronaldo coming back to UTD?

I wish he would but its a long shot. The number 7 is available now thouhgh... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Brave RVP returns to Swansea

This is no laughing matter. He was nearly killed. loooooool... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Would United be better off selling to a rival!?

Absolutely no chance Utd will sell to a rival. The never have and never will. When Heinze wanted to go Liverpool they wasn't having it. he would of rot if Madrid didn't come in for him. Its always done on Utds terms.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Man U vs Swansea preview!!

Jones will slot in at RB but i think we will see a similar line up to Sunday. Rooney will not be involved even though he will get minutes for England this week but then again he hasn't done pre-season properly. Tough game always at Swansea. Many teams will lose there. Hopefully we can nic a win.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on What team could Shaun Maloney play for?

Maloney is an absolute baller.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on How good is this lad!

I actually like this lad. good player every time I've watched him...... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Who Will Replace Moyes?

Has to be Martinez surely... - 6 years

Kenny commented on End Of Season Debate! Who In Your Opinion Has Done The Best This Season?

I would say Swansea even tough after the Carling cup win they have cooled off but they have given us some good games while playing some vibrant football. I also like the way Man Utd went about their job in regaining the league after last season failure...... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Arsenal agree the most lucrative kit deal in Britain

Great move fro arsenal in terms of money but i have a feeling that only Puma would have paid that kind of money. I cant see nike paying those types of figures for Arsenal... Good move in the long run anyway.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Stiliyan Petrov announces retirement to set up leukaemia foundation

Good luck to him i say. Good player when he played and its good to see him doing something positive...... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Will moyes bring anyone?

Only player i would like to see at the club is Baines. Evra had a good season consduering the doubts he had over the last couple of years but i feel that he could be on his way out soon. Baines is a consistant performer and needs a bigger challenge now. As for staff i would expect Utd to keep who we have as Phelan and Rene are two of the best at w... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Champ20ns

Im buzzing!!!!!!... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Disrespectful Man Utd fans

Was disgusting, but every club has that small minority of fans that spoil it for others. Disgusting... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Premierships worst striker

For a start, how many games does Welbeck even play up top for Utd? Hardly any! He plays more off the flank such is his ability to follow tactics so well. Stop looking at his goals and look at what he does for the team. We have had 19 different goals scorers this season so we are fine in the goals department.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Premier League: Which team football jersey you like

All of the PSG kits are pretty nice.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Scores a cracker!!!

Brilliant goal. He has got them in his locker to be fair...... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Should he have been sent off?

Was a very bad challenge but it was just a stupid and unrealistic attempt. Not a red card for me, just stupid.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Each clubs player of the season?

For me as a Man Utd fan it has been Carrick. Brilliant all season. Although RVP has scored goals, i fully expected him to. Carrick has not dipped at any stage of the season. Consistent... - 6 years

Kenny commented on PFA Player and Young Player of the Year shortlist

Suarez and Benteke for me...... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Members you want to return

I'm here... @Liam.... Where are yah????... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Barcelona Vs Real Madrid... Copa Del Rey predictions and game discussion?

I think it was more that Real were excellent. A combination of both.. Ill give credit to Madrid in this one. Also Utd were excellent against Madrid in that first leg. Still a tie thats finally balanced... - 6 years

Kenny commented on How much is Bale worth?

25M and Bebe. LOL... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Coming of age?

Look how comfortable he is in European games. This league is tough. It's a league where even big teams will try and throw balls in the box and capitalise on a keeper thats not used to that. De Gea is used to playing in a league where they all play football. He's learning quick. 22 years old... - 6 years

Kenny commented on Would Bale ever sign for Man Utd

On like this.... - 6 years

Kenny commented on PSG in Rooney link

He's not going anywhere. Don't know where these stories come from... - 6 years