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Liam commented on Gunners vs Spurs predictions & game discussion!

Spurs will always be Spurs. No bottle. Welcome to another season of Europa League football for those spuds. They just lost their world class player, and they won't be able to replace him with anyone of the same quality as theyre playing in the cheap-and-cheerful version of European football... - 6 years

Liam commented on Angry Arsenal fan

The bloke deserves a medal. Well said mate!... - 6 years

Liam commented on Everton reject United bid for Fellaini and Baines

28 mil is a mockery of a bid... - 6 years


Over 2.5 goals... - 6 years

Liam commented on Arsenal need a signing!!

Good question. Wenger wasnt chasing trash though. He's been bailing out on signing good players at the last minute. If he doesnt invest we'll crash and burn anyway. May as well try and sign some good players who can make a difference... - 6 years

Liam commented on Remy or Giroud? Who would you rather have?

All I said is Giroud will improve and I reckon he could get 16 prem goals which I think he can. To be fair if Remy was at Arsenal he'd score more goals because I do rate him. Giroud will improve this season. No question about it. He knows the league and wont have the RVP 'tag' round his kneck. I think he'll get the goals in and go away with France... - 6 years

Liam up voted the following comment - 6 years

Liam commented on Will Arsenal spend this summer?

Mate, I actually dont want us to beat you tomorrow. If we do, Wenger will tell more lies and tell everyone how 'good the team is. We dont need to buy' Hopefully Villa will grab a point and the boos ring out on Arsene which will force him to put his card in and type his PIN number!!!... - 6 years

Liam commented on Suarez is not going to Arsenal... Arsene's Conspiracy

Rest assured I would not change my view. I'll always support my team, but I am a man in principle. I'll never EVER be happy about someone of his character signing for us. NEVER!... - 6 years

Liam commented on Report: Luiz Gustavo close to Arsenal move.

Better from Wenger. These are the sort of players we need... - 6 years

Liam commented on Liverpool top 4?

Liverpool don't have a prayer of getting in the Champions League this season. If I was an LFC fan, I'd concentrate on being the best team on Merseyside first, because Everton seem to be running the show in that part of Lancashire... - 6 years

Liam commented on Arsenal V Man City

When we win games like this, wenger thinks our squad reall is good when its not. We need a centre half who knows the league, a PROPER defensive minded midfielder and another striking option as a minimum. Anything else is a bonus i reckon... - 6 years

Liam commented on Opinions on Zaha? World beater or show pony?

Everyone compares Zaha to Ronnie when he first came to Utd. Ronnie was a better player than Zaha when he arrived. It was his decision making he had to improve. For me Zaha's crossing isnt consistent and most honest CPFC fans will tell you the same. I can see a number of sides doubling up-marking him and thats his threat nullified in my view. Let's... - 6 years

Liam commented on Suarez - " I was told I could go"

He's made his position untenable now. I can't see how he can if he takes action against the club regarding his contract... - 6 years

Liam commented on First Brian Deane, now Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Why aren't there more ethnic minority managers in England?

So what makes you think football is the same as every other industry? I'm curious to hear your explanation... - 6 years

NEW POST   Liam added First Brian Deane, now Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Why aren't there more ethnic minority managers in England?

In Jan this year Brian Deane was appointed manager of Norwegian side Sarpsborg 08 as there manager. He applied for several jobs in England and was rejected on every occasion. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink experienced the same thing. Today he was appointed manager of Royal Antwerp in the Belgian second division. Both players gave a lot in there time in En... - 6 years

Liam commented on Wenger getting business done early

I'm not underrating them at all. I am aware they are a good side, but I think at Arsenal, he's likely to elevate his game and look a better player with more opportunities. I also think the Prem will suit his style of play as opposed to the more negative style in Italy where the game isnt as fluid. He could play in a number of positions. He seems to... - 6 years

Liam commented on Everton or Liverpool

I see Liverpool is once again owned by the blues!! looool... - 6 years

Liam commented on Football Team

Hahaha, mate Drogba was my inspiration when i use to use my power to roll those defenders. :lol: :lol: Always make space to get the shot off!... - 6 years

Liam commented on Bye bye Britannia

Well, I just hope they start playing proper football now instead of trying to throw the ball into the opponents net by bundling, pushing, and whatever else to get the ball into the net. Stoke play a brand of football that the local pub team would be ashamed of. This is the Premier League! Lets hope they get a manager in who will change things.. If... - 6 years

Liam commented on Suarez bites Ivanovic! What should be his punishment?

THIS IS Liam... mate I think you should change your tone in regards to 'stupid'. Theres no need for that.. I've looked at her comments through the day and I've had a chuckle because she doesnt really understand the theory in the game. I agree that you cant disallow the goal but make your point respectfully. She can talk all she wants about football... - 6 years

Liam commented on Monreal to Arsenal - good signing?

Can't be any worse than that victim we play when Gibbs isn't fit (santos) . Surely the next winger who rapes him is going to be arrested!... - 6 years

Liam commented on Is this the worst Brazil team you have ever seen?

What we need to remember is Scolari has just come back as the Selecao manager. The side hasnt been what it was for some time. Big Phil knows he has a big job on his hands. He probably doesnt know his strongest team yet, so they'll need some time to get back to he levels we expect. I certainly wouldnt write them off as potential winners of the world... - 6 years

Liam commented on 12 goals in 109 Championship games? Is he really that good?

@owonefi7. Other than his dribbling, what is top class about zaha? I'd really like to know... - 6 years

NEW POST   Liam added 12 goals in 109 Championship games? Is he really that good?

A friend of mine just told me he thinks Zaha could potentially be as good as Ronaldo... Yes.... Real Madrid Ronaldo... *pauses and looks around the room* I personally dont think he's that good. He's very good in 1v1 situations. Very quick, strong but for me the end product isnt consistent enough to warrant the price tag.. Not on your nelly!! He's... - 6 years

Liam commented on How long will he stay at Liverpool?

Seems even BR is fed up with him... He really is one of football's scumbags. Talented, but a true scumbag!... - 6 years

Liam commented on And he is outta here!

Harry certifies Prem survival... Whatever money he wants , they should give it to him... - 6 years

Liam commented on Thoughts on his performance?

Players need regular game time to show their best form. Coming in and out the team for European games is serving Joe no purpose. I thnk he needs to leave Pool, and go and play for a smaller prem team and discover his best form again... - 6 years

Liam commented on Realistically who's going to be fighting for 4th come the end of the season?

Arsenal have the know-how to finish in the spots. Thats vital. We will be playing champions league football again. 14 consecutive seasons and I cant see it stopping now :-)... - 6 years