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I am a huge football fan in every aspect and like to watch and analyse the game

Machine44 commented on World Cup Preview: Who's going to win and more?

Italy to win it...... Colombia the surprise package (semi's)....... top goalscorer Falcao or Neymar England out in group stage without a point or a goal... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Liverpool fluff the title

Lol i just like teams that can defend, whole different aspect to english football... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Liverpool fans - disgraceful again

I try to make my comments in relation to fans to the minority here @releasethekraken..... yes i realise what the club done around the time for them fans but there is never an awknowledgement of them on the same day juve fans pay tribute to them.......... i think as fans of the game i know i would like the club to maybe have a balance, was same as... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on What more does he need to do??????

I believe i can, toure controls football games and that takes more than anything else in the game........just think golden boot was enough to awknowledge how god suarez been... - 5 years

NEW POST   Machine44 added What more does he need to do??????

Ok so PFA player of the Year announced, i am not denying Suarez has not had a good season but come on wise up what more does Yaya Toure really have do to win that, he has shown he is the one of if the not the best centre midfielder this season. I know people will say about suarez's goals but Toure is every single aspect of the game this season has... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on The Villa are in deep doo doo:-/

I still think you's will be ok mate, there still teams in worse trouble than yous, finish the season and get rid of lambert... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Jonjo Shelvey Goal Of The Season?

Still kosami... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Summer 2014 transfers

- he is a good player mate, but for a top 4 side nah wouldnt have him. Callum Chambers from southampton would be a top signing for you's... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Aston Villa takeover on the cards

Yea i think they be fine just something i read about the deal that the potential owners have said the club will have to play top flight football... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Which Man Utd players should be shown the door and why?

Evra, Evans, RVP, Cleverly, Young, Jones and Buttner.............. il get crucified for the RVP comment but his attitude been awful... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on David Moyes is to be sacked

He could end up spurs manager next season??... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Mourinho embarrasses himself

To whoever tagged me here, my point is simple how many decisons and be honest have went in liverpool favour this season i would say at least 90%... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on LIVERPOOL FC PREMIER LEAGUE WINNERS 2013/14

Listen i am a neutral to most leagues i support hull and respect the level we are at, however i cant respect that it happens as often as it does would maybe be the best way of puttin it, i just believe that levels and standards mean alot in football for me, yes deisons and luck can influence a game and i get that but my simple point is it shouldnt... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on PFA Player and Young Player of the year nominees announced!!

My main argument is the same happens every year tbh last season Baines wasntin the shortlist yet was top full back by a country mile and again i am not saying Mertesacker is player of the year for me there is only guy who can get it and that is Toure but recognition would be good, thats across the board not just prem, i mean on a general level here... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Best keeper of all time?

From watching Football growing up till now without a doubt for me is Buffon the guy for me is just on another level..... though Peter Schmeichel what a keeper. From watching old games and through documentaries etc... Zoff without a doubt... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Which midfielders would you take for England?

I have said it since he played for spurs so not a biased opinion, but the guy is technically outstanding, his ball retention is better than carrick and gerrard for me (just my opionion). I would take Huddlestone, Gerrard, Carrick and Barry as my centre mids..... but have Ox, Lallana and Barkley who can all play centrally....... they have to play na... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on The Relegation fight. Who is going to stay up and who's going down?

Sunderland are def gone for me.......... would really like to see fulham stay up and think they might........ and cardiff. Norwich for me will go down as they changed manager and have 4 games against the top teams....... actually think west brom could go as well. Il say Sunderland Norwich and West Brom... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on City fans pay there respect to the 96 then get there coach smashed.

No place for that in the game.......... i didnt hear about that but not surprised either, saying that it is a small minority of liverpool fans that would have done and supported that so not fair to sit and attack liverpool fans as a whole for this. (best i dont comment on the match)... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Top 10 BPL Signings of the season

Mccarthy has been a top signing for everton........ would like to see him hitting the box more, so much ground he covers but in there lol... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Diving Debate: Embarrassing Part of the Game or Result of Poor Officiating?

For me i dont like the whole diving aspect of the game but i have reluctantly accepted it......... for me the biggest issue is the right punishment for players caught diving, recently there was a player fouled 3 times for diving and dived again........... though a dive is a booking so surely they shouldnt get to dive 3 times........... its the next... - 5 years

Machine44 commented on Which players from the present or the past you always wanted to see them in Premier League?

Pirlo, Del Piero, Ibra and Phillip Lahm... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on Who is the best player out of these choices

@bricka- i thought for a long time from watching older football maradona was greatest player to have lived, but from watching Pele he was immense he would have this ability to just pop up out of nowhere and just bring of moments of brilliance. Maradona was unreal as well though, hate comparing all these players as everyone see's the game different... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on Eric Cantona or Dennis Bergkamp? Who is the best and Why?

On ability Dennis no doubt. He is so technically gifted and his brain range puts him up there with the best players (people may not agree but type of footballer in his mould that should b admired. Eric had a presence, he had talent but how he transformed Utd wasnt all his ability it was his presence and character that really led that Utd team... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on 2013/14 Premier League Christmas awards

@releasethekraken- i dont think there much between him and aguero, and rate aguero higher.....simple... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on Massive Job

@Villa-Rich,surely if better business isnt done in january yous could be in serious trouble... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on Complete striker

Not going to do a massive list but taking ronaldo out of it i would have to say the 3 strikers i would take would be ibra, aguero and falcao... - 6 years

NEW POST   Machine44 added Massive Job

So West Brom decided to sack Steve Clarke even though he really done a great job there, yes results werent great, though would have been different if Chelsea game had went there way. But with that squad and set-up its a real good club for a manager to platform there careeer. My personal opinion it would be a good fit for a young manager like Malkay... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on Surprise of the season?

I dont think we are so much the surprise of the season, as a hull fan the main surprise is how organised we are compared to the rest of the prem......... yes 6 nil win shocked me as we are not known for scoring many, but the organisation of us as a team is top quality... - 6 years

Machine44 commented on Mathieu Flamini.... Thoughts?

Said at the time, i think it was a very smart signing, and being proved right does the dirty job that alot of people overlook... - 6 years

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