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Maresh up voted the following comment - 6 years

Maresh commented on Let's bring the sin bin to Football

I think he would kill the game, imagine having an intense 20 min period and someone key in middle park or defence goes in the sin bin. It'll ruin the game IMO... - 6 years

Maresh commented on League Cup 4th Round Draw

Arsenal v Chelsea should be interesting, do we stay with kids or does he field more senior players???... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Is it the end for Manchester United.

End of an era in my opinion..... They was still able to get away with results because of fergie and now he's gone, teams don't fear united anymore. Moyes will need time to build his own team, yes you can't right them off as it's united but we all need to be realistic. Look at the current squad, are they really still a force?... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Di Canio sacked! Is Di Canio the worst manager in the Prem ever?

It just makes the club look stupid if you ask me!!! We all know what he's like & they gave him the job, plus he acted same way now like when he started so why they surprised. You let him sign all these players etc... Just to sack him!... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Manchester derby

I'm happy we won but it's only 5 games in... But I know united fans who slated us when we had RVP saying one man team yet they don't have him their awful. Next the denial of the fans that they have average team and signing fellani was desperate bad signing!! There few things so I can't wait to hear the excuses ????... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Mourinho confirms Oscar as No 1

Never ever been a number 10...... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Views on Sterling?

Wow fans/people turning on sterling. Gotta love the word fickle!!! The guys young and last season played a lot of games and probably assumed will be first teamer. Now me Rodgers started spending he's treated sterling like second string squad player which in my opinion probably has knocked sterlings confidence. He just needs that restored... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Stuart Pearce slams players for refusing to play in Under 21s

Pearce should be grateful he stayed in that job for as long as he did!!! Whether its true or not, doesn't matter because he still a quality youngsters in the squad and couldn't get the best out of them. Who's to say if bale, ox etc did play if he would of got them to produce. Like said sour grapes... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Ukraine Vs England. Are England going to get embarrassed?

I'm sorry but Kyle Walker for me is just a glorified Glenn Johnson!!! Can attack but can't defend at all which his pace bales him out all the time. He's been a first team player for a while now, surely he should be making improvements in this area.... Just awful... - 6 years

Maresh commented on RVP unimpressed by Moyes

Well no smoke without fire, obviously the story maybe exaggerated but lets be honest fergie pulled a fast one to get RVP to win title knowing he was going! I reckon RVP probably more upset about that than anything... - 6 years

Maresh commented on We need to get rid of the International break?

So if you have these games in the summer how do the players get a rest in summer?... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Özil Smokescreen

Fair points but who is out there of high quality? I don't mind what we have and buy again in January instead of force buying like we did with park and santos who turned out to be rubbish... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Is Ozil really worth £42 million???

Are you mad ozil is established and world class!!! Can't win can he, don't sign he gets stick now he is still getting stick! Ozil will bring a lot to the team with his class and experience playing at the highest level! Can't wait to see him in action... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Is he good enough?

No chance mate!! Giroud is a good striker but like any top club we just need another who can score too. I agree you will eat those words. The guy got 17 goals in his first season and for you to say terrible your nuts... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Walcott as striker?

Key thing is we have options and I love the fact we can now ask these questions where we couldn't before!... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Much Improved

Without a doubt..... Even though his first season wasnt the best, he showed potential in the Barcelona game at Emirates when he was arguebly the best Arsenal player on the pitch with Jack Wiltshire. I would say he's our Main centre back which is reflection of how much he's improved.... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Chelsea bid £10 million + Juan Mata for Wayne Rooney?

Think the respect shown to Mata here is shocking personally.... He's been chelsea's best player for the last two seasons but I knew he wouldnt be in Jose plans. Not his type/style of player....... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Wenger getting business done early

Great player and I don't want to play this down but until he holds the shirt or I see him on arsenal website, this is just another rumour! We've been linked with Higuain for how long now which was apparently a done deal & yet nothing. Happy with the intentions but just wrap these deals up please Arsenal... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Premier League teams missed out?

That just makes me thing the English clubs allegedly rumoured to be interested wasn't true or he had no interest in coming to England... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Premier League move on the cards?

The price tag I reckon is putting bigger clubs signing him which is unfortunate as whatever Blackpool make, Liverpool get 50% of it!! So 8 million is too much for bigger team to take risk on someone who's not proven in premiership whereas smaller team is more likely too as they will play him etc...... - 6 years

NEW POST   Maresh added Mike Ashley offers back room staff £1Million bonus

So another twist to the end of season 4th champions league spot saga between Arsenal and Tottenham. So we already heard that Di Canio has told the Sunderland players who play Tottenham tomorrow that if they don't show dignity in this game, he will impose the minimum holiday entitlement this summer to change the players mentality!!!! Now Mike Ashle... - 6 years

Maresh commented on 1,2,3 best of the season

Manager: I'm same with 1. Steve Clarke, 2. Michael Laudrup 3. SAF Team: 1. Man Utd 2. Swansea 3. West Brom... - 6 years

NEW POST   Maresh added Wonder long range goal!!!

Great strike and technique and another one for the long range collection. How does this compare to past strikes? Is this the best of them all...... - 6 years

NEW POST   Maresh added Arsenal agree the most lucrative kit deal in Britain

Arsenal agree £30 million a year deal over five years with puma which is the most lucrative kit deal in britiain to start end of 2013/14 season. This will end Arsenal's 20 year association with Nike and is a great deal on top of the £30 million deal with Emirates over 5 years also. Is this the first signs of Arsenal heading in the right directio... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Sorry, he's just crap....

Don't rate this guy at all....... Shocking how he gets the ratings he does for doing nothing!!! Lucky guy... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Was David Luiz wrong for laughing after Red Car challenge?

I loved it personally...... I was more surprised by man united 12th man howard Webb giving a red card against his team more than anything. Sick of united getting all the decisions at old Trafford... - 6 years

Maresh commented on PFA 'Blunder'

I don't see what the big issue is here, this is what comedians do.....they push boundaries and say things people think but won't or can't say hence why you can find some of the subjects funny. Yes I agree if your going to hire a comedian, should of done your research because he obviously did hence the jokes used in his act. The FA just accept you m... - 6 years

Maresh commented on Can they win the 13/14 League Title?

Good question but for me just signing falcao and potentially bring mourinho back I don't think will be enough to win league straight away. Their defence and midfield is no way as solid as it use to be... - 6 years