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Ossie commented on Luis Suarez proves himself to be a disgrace again!

I forgive him completely. Its obvious he thought 'Chiellini' was a type of pasta.... - 5 years

Ossie commented on Ross barkley fantastic player

He is still very inexperienced. Something we always do is pile pressure on young players by calling them 'Englands hope for the future' or something. We shouldn't build a team around anyone. We should build a team where various positions are covered by 2 or 3 quality players.... - 5 years

Ossie commented on Shocking Utd perfmance!

If Rooney 'was showing himself where others were static' then surely that unbalances the team as a whole? My comments about Rooney being an unsuitable captain were not related to his performance but more to do with his communication skills and ability to be a calming influence when necessary. He's not exactly known for being level headed!... - 6 years

NEW POST   Ossie added Shocking Utd perfmance!

Im sitting watching this awful game of football wondering what the hell is going on at Utd. I cant remember seeing Utd play as badly as this. It seems with Moyes its one step forward and two steps back. The only chance I can recall is Welbecks back heel towards goal. Other than that its been pathetic. Abject. Wayward etc... etc... No cohesion No d... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Real 3-4 Barca - What a La Liga title race!

Anyone else notice how Barca players suck up to refs? Their players don't get in the face of the refs and almost seem to be quite chatty and chummy with them. Quite a difference to English clubs/players who are the exact opposite. Something England could try and emulate in the World Cup.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Which midfielders would you take for England?

I would forget Wilshere. Great talent but his body is falling apart! We need players who can stay fit. Gerrard, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Barkley...what the hell happened to Aaron Lennon by the way?!?!... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Best keeper of all time?

Who was that Paraguayan keeper? Chilavert? Scored 67 goals in his professional career. Schmeichel only scored 11 goals in his career and won world keeper twice. Chilavert bagged same award three times. That said Schmeichel went 42% of all PL games he played without conceding a goal. Incredible.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on If prem leage fotbalres had vaginas who woulded have the biggest?

Classic example of why RYP hasn't kicked on from a promising beginning.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Views on the Alan Pardew incident

PL is watched by millions worldwide. There will be many fans from various cultures who see what Pardew did as very shocking. We live on an island so can't really get a good idea of how other cultures regard our reacion to this sort of behaviour. Its easy for us to be ambilavent about it. It is measure of our own culture if we say that there wasn't... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Vladermir putin' it in the back o the net

Poor joke considering the gravity of the situation in Ukraine.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on This forum is a ghost town!

The reason why RYP isn't as popular than before is because of the failure of operators to clamp down on 'unfriendly' attitudes of some members. I was a frequent visitor until someone called me a 'middle class whinger'. That doesn't exactly make you want to come back every day! Also, I recall a post which went; 'If you were on the plane that crashe... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Wenger to sign Balotelli?

Balotelli is perhaps the most un-Arsenal player of all time. Wenger likes reflective,intelligent characters who can take on board his sophisticated (by English standards) philosophy about life and football. Wenger likes sponges and Mario is most definitely not a sponge! I suppose Wrighty was a Gooner but Wenger didn't sign him.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Newbies here: Introduce Yourself!

Hi Gerd. Are you from overseas perhaps?!... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Too many crosses almost became predictable

Ha! Amusing?! Well, I wouldn't go that far but I understand Utd aren't everyone's second team. Change is certainly welcome. I don't think anyone thought Moyes would do this badly though. Maybe he can redeem himself in Europe...where Fergie can't reach him!... - 6 years

Ossie commented on How many goals?

Um. Now its over. Hapless performance by Arsenal. Are Liverpool really that much better than them? Got to question mentality/attitude of team. Who is leading Arsenal?!?! We all know who leads Liverpool.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Salah prefers Chelsea to Liverpool

Its been said already but I think he's made the wrong career choice by going to Chelsea. I would be very surprised if he breaks into the XI. He'll be a peripheral figure like Benayoun. Could have gone to Liverpool and been a hero. No doubt he wanted to go shopping at Harvey Nics...However, he is young so if it doesn't work out he can move on. Still... - 6 years

Ossie commented on It would be better for united to lose in the semi final second leg agaisnt Sunderland

Things really have changed haven't they?! Utd scared of playing another team! Cant remember when that last happened. Happy with Moyes? How long would you give him? I sometimes wonder whether Madrid, Barca or Munich would have ditched him by now. Hard to say.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Who are your favorites

Also one of my favs. Awesome player. Englands answer to fat Ronaldo. Just didn't fulfil his true potential. Like so many English players...... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Who is the best Arsenal player ever and why?

Whenever I think 'Arsenal' I think of Tony Adams!!! Attacking players are always picked out as 'greatest ever' but what about the defence?... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Who is the best player out of these choices

Messi is the best player of this era I think. Its hard to compare to him to Pele, Cruyff, Best, Maradona etc... when most of us haven't seen a lot of their goals/best moments.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Torres is beginning to lower in popularity

I thin because people are bored of talking about him! I think that something has got under his skin since he moved to Chelsea. Whether its something wrong in his personal life, or life in London, the culture within the club itself? It has to be something. Sometimes I feel ashamed of the way we treat other human beings in this country. He has suffer... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Goal of the Year

Wilshere's was best team goal. RVP's best individual goal. But Rooneys pass was immaculate. And RVP knew it!... - 6 years

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Ossie commented on Eric Cantona or Dennis Bergkamp? Who is the best and Why?

I remember watching a football documentary which touched upon 'who was the greatest Dutch player of all time'? There was a panel of past Dutch legends and they all overlooked Cruyff and said that Bergkamp was the best. For me, he would be in the best team or at least squad of players I have seen. Fat Ronaldo, Schmeichel, Maldini, Messi, Carlos, the... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Walcott and other injury prone footballers.

When I was writing this I knew someone would mention Messi! I know there are exceptions but football is a contact sport and when you look at Walcott he just looks so fragile. I had the same injury myself so I absolutely know how it feels. But it was always coming so why persist with the player?! If we want to be the best then we need to be ruthless... - 6 years

NEW POST   Ossie added Walcott and other injury prone footballers.

What is wrong with Theo Walcott?!?! I mean he is supposed to be a top class athlete isn't he?! Doesn't it make you mad how often the same players get injured? It wouldn't surprise me if Wilshere gets injured too.  Surely with all the latest sports science clubs can predict at an early age which of their developing players and which players the... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appointed new Cardiff manager

He talks the talk well. I like the way he has picked up English/Mancunian expressions which should make it easier to connect with his players. He's obviously lived in England long enough to know his way around our culture(or lack of it!!!). Should be interesting to see how he does at the very least.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Mohamed Salah

He was outstanding in those European matches. Seems to be a dangerous player. I guess he would make Liverpool a stronger team. Sterling/Salah on the wings, Sturridge/Suarez (if he stays) up front and Coutinho/Gerrard central midfield. Tasty.... - 6 years

Ossie commented on Man UTD to win against Tottenham?

I think you need to give Moyes more time. No way this match was a foregone conclusion. Utd were always going to have an up and down season. This time next year will be a good time to judge Moyes. However, I do wonder whether Madrid, Barca or Munich would be as patient.... - 6 years