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RblockW12 commented on Same points as Liverpool! Who will end up finishing higher?

Liverpool for me. I think BR has got them playing well as a pretty tight unit. From what I have seen of them, and granted its only been on TV ect, they seem to be well drilled, and all seem to know their jobs well, and play with a real team ethic. i think they look a lot more organised than Arsenal, and think they will pip the gooners to the hig... - 6 years

RblockW12 commented on "Chris Foy had a terrible game"

I didnt think it was a pen. I thought Rooney kicked the back of the Spud's defenders leg and went down. It was a 50/50 challenge that in fairness could have been given either way, however after looking at it on the replay, i thought the lino made the right call. The problem is now days, you hear players and pundits saying things like "there was... - 6 years

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... - 6 years

RblockW12 commented on Manchester United vs Manchester City! Live debate and predictions?

Draw written all over it for me. Does make p*** me off the way the media, and in particular ex United players appear to be trying to create issues and problems regarding Man City and their "obvious problems" that appear to be on going. It's pathetic, and it's almost as if they know City are potentially in a position to leave them lagging behind... - 6 years

RblockW12 commented on Europa league could be scrapped.

The quality in the competition now days is so poor, it might as well be scrapped. It's a poor competition and to some clubs and fans more of a hinderence always having to play league games on a Sunday as a result of playing the Thursday. And you travel halfway acros Europe, pay an arm and a leg and all to see your team play the equivelant of a leag... - 6 years

RblockW12 commented on Is Fernando Torres the worst big money signing EVER....

Veron, Taibi, Forlan all spring to mind.... - 6 years

RblockW12 commented on Time to give Per some credit!

Superb start to the season. Showing just how good he is. Exactly what you expect from a German. Efficient. Gooners will do well this season.... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Should Taiwo have signed permanently at QPR?

Would have him in the starting line up over Onuha any day. Shame Traore dosnt seem to fit in with MH's plans. Good defending and good going forward... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Gianni Paladini and Flavio Briatore interested in bcfc.

Mate, the blokes a liability. How we got off with no points deduction illnever know? Brown envelopes, guns in the boardroom. The list goes on. The blokes an accident waiting to happen. Good luck either way pal. Keep right on!... - 7 years

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... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on La Liga vs EPL

Would a mid table EPL side beat a La Liga mid table side? I dont thnk so. Would a bottom 3 EPL team beat a La Liga bottom 3 side? again, I dont think so. I think at the top end, their top 2 is far better than ours. When do you ever see Barca or Real employing tactics like Chelsea did, and just sat back home and away? They believe in their style... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Respect to Everton

Such a close city, everton supporters lost loved ones too that day. Like said below, many families are a mix of blue and red. I have a strong link to Merseyside for family reasons, and its a special city. total respect to the whole city for they way they have conducted themselves and fought for what is right for their lost loved ones.... - 7 years

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... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Has He Gone Mad?

Couldnt be further from the truth. Ever heard the phrase "Safe as Houses"? MH will be going nowhere, unless he resigns. FACT... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Hillsborough documentary

So basically your just anti tory? not suprised seeing as your from north of the border. So when Tony Blair lied to the country about the threat of Iraq, and informed us that Saddam had so many stockpiles of chemical weapons he could attack us within 30 minutes, but yet over 10 years on they still havnt found anything. This man Lied to his own cou... - 7 years

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RblockW12 commented on Terry's ban reduced.

I honestly think he could do something like that, and he would get off. I cant describe just how much i cant stand this bloke... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Is Kanu Wrong 2 Ask 4 3mil?

Depends on what side of the fence you sit on. Im sure any supporter would say he's wrong, but any PFA Bob Crow type bod would argue otherwise. My view, technically he is within his right to ask for what he was effectively promised, however, as a proffesional footballer, he is part of a very priviliged profession whereby the fans pay hard earned m... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on TOWIE: Mark Wright signing for rangers

Take him, and then burn him. If i was a player, and he was lining up against me, i wouldnt give a toss about what card or ban I'd get. Id see him. Get close to him. Track him, and then the second he was on the ball, id be there, straight through the back of him, studs up with both feet. Just incase there was any doubt, I really cant stand this c... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Wolves Turn Down 12 Million For Fletcher ARE THEY MAD???

Not worth £15mil IMO. Save your money. Decent enough striker, but from what Ive seen, and granted, it might not be as much as many others on here, there would be much better proven prem strikers that would probably not cost as much.... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Best Rivalry the prem has seen!

You dont get a chance to see any proper rivalries these days what with the ridiculous rules regarding tackling. However Anything Utd - Arsenal based can be pretty tasty, and most of the names getting thrown up seem to include their players. Wright - Schmeichel, Viera - Keane, RVN - The Whole Arsenal team, Ferguson - Wenger ect ect. Anyone remember... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Rangers To Division 3

Right o. and Im the one who's narrow minded. If this website is still going strong in say 5 years time, and we are both still members, we'll continue the conversation, and see if your views have changed. Lets see how many players Mr Desomond insists on selling now as a result of this decision.... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Warnock's rent boy follows him once more..

New managers have their favourites dont they, and from the second MH arrived he wanted either Ben Foster or Green to come in. I actually thought against city at Middle Eastlands he was poor, but hey ho. I dont for a second think hes a great keeper, i just think hes decent. Hes reliable. He does exactly what you expect from him, nothing more nothin... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Why have Fulham signed Hugo Rodallega?

Possibly. I dont really know the ins and outs of last season, but from what i was hearing re wages, i think foolham have been mugged off... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Money to burn?

They'll bring a few. Norwich for a relativly small place have superb traveling support. Even when in the lower leagues they travelled well. They will make the trip Im sure.... - 7 years

RblockW12 commented on Nikica Jelavic

18 probably sounds about fair. Personally if i was SAF if pay it in a shot. worth every penny, and Everton get their asking price. lets see what happens........... - 7 years

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