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RYP_Unofficial commented on How can we make RYP better for you?

Delighted to be posting this from my iPhone App!!!... - 7 years

RYP_Unofficial commented on Loyalty completely dead?

Welcome to the modern game mate... - 7 years

RYP_Unofficial commented on Why do Arsenal fans boo so much?

I'd boo my team if they lost to Wigan for the first time ever... - 7 years

RYP_Unofficial commented on Who will the Top 4 be?

Your going to do it, surely. Even the game at the bridge, I think you can get all 3 pts. Come on the toon.... - 7 years

RYP_Unofficial commented on Is he the most greedy player in the history of football?

He just needs to find the right balance, I thought he has set up a few goals for the chelsea this season? If he has been greedy, can you blaim him or would you pass to Torres lol :-)... - 7 years

RYP_Unofficial commented on What club will Berbatov go to in the summer?

He's going to have offers all over the gaf, I for one hopes he stays in our league, he's a fine fine player.... - 7 years

RYP_Unofficial commented on Brendan Rogers to take over at Tottenham/Spurs as new manager?

Really like the boss, and the style is fantastic. Over the years we have seem so many sides come into the league and try to play this style. Usually it works for 4/5 months and then these team struggle and slide down the table. To be where they are, still winning games is an amazing achievement. I read the squad cost 8m. Clearly a top manager, I ho... - 7 years

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