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Tjsaint commented on New Football Word Game!

I liked Mo Johnston, thought he was good; aLways telling people how good he was - Allan Johnston thought he would be as good. A simple mistake... - 7 years


I voted for that but was just scrolling down. Seems a little to much to believe, teammates aren't stupid, they know the ins & outs better than us he'd have been exposed before now Imo. F**k him! There'll be someone else; there always is... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Footballing Pet Hates

You know when someone gets sent off, who the f**k is that official that guides players down the tunnel, with his hand on the players back? Every plates knows how to find their way onto the pitch, pretty sure they can find their way back without your help thanks!! Actually, I think I might just hate stewards.... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Is he too old?

How old is too old?... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Is Wenger a hypocrite?

Of course he's a hypocrite, he's blinkered like all of us. I'm sure he'd like to say players are money grabbing c***ts, but who would sign for him? Truth is money in football generates change, I like the idea of players signing for clubs that have got an idea that they can get in between the established 4 or 5; why go to Man U, where it's been done... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on How many more TROPHYLESS seasons can Arsene Wenger get away with...

Unless he does some madness like George Graham, he'll never be sacked. He's, obviously, desperate to prove that morally, in a financial sense, & in the way he believes the game should be played, that he's right. The players have been there to it, but we lack something; that CL semi against Man U, summed that up. Who know what it is? Placing as high... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Carroll for £35m -- Torres for £50m -- Robinho for £32m -- Shevchenko for £30m -- OR -- Berbatov for £30m

@TheDannyGordon so cynical, Genius has no real opinion one way or the other, do you Sir Alex?... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Which players make up some of the best signings in Premiership history (relative to cost).... ??

Anelka for about £500,000 to Madrid for £23m!!... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on RVP to Man utd?

Really just want to write abuse. had to suffer too many of our best players wearing other PL colours, painful. RvP @ man u is a nightmare...can't even think anymore!... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Finally picking up his act?

This kinda thing has been going on since Overmaars, Arsene's been complaining about Real/Barca's/Man City's tactics, but does nothing to prevent it. Players believe in trophies & £'s, it's us, the fans that believe in his project. We've been close for too many years, he needs to couple obvious potential with something more solid. I'm praying for V... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Gareth Bale the boy who cried wolf twice in a week.

That's d***head, btw... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Ideal left back signing

Sorry didn't mean to vote for Konchesky - no offence!... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Will He Claim Back His No.1 Spot?

Gomes has always been poor, if I was a CB with him behind me, I'd be second guessing everything 'cos he's unreliable... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on How do you see qpr doing nxt season!

I want them to do well. Berba's an ambitious signing if he can pull it off they've got good quality to pair with Zamora & Cisse who blow hot & cold. I always seem to think Mark Hughes' teams could do better; but that might have something to do with the feeling that he's always got an eye on his next (bigger) club. Green is a confusing signing thoug... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Deja vu

Have I go bonkers;have just read £10m for S Fletcher,... - 7 years

Tjsaint commented on Larsson or Ibrahimovich

Yeah, figured I'd see what it's like to be a MoTD pundit for a bit... - 7 years

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