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big Aston Villa fan, wannabe manager

Xanvier commented on On the move

Can't see Begovic moving, only can imagine him moving to Liverpool depending on the movement of Reina but i dont see Reina leaving at the moment... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Bye bye Britannia

Done a lot for stoke but if Stoke are to progress they need to have different idea's because at the moment they are stuck in a rut and are spending to consolidate each year which isn't what Peter Coates will want to do... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Arsenals celebrations

Maybe to Spurs fans... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on MNF: Sunderland v Stoke

Sunderland with the 1 striker up front look lost... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Who is your manager of the season?

I wouldn't say we were awful first half the season, we were definitely slowly finding are feet and then the 8-0 thrashing just completely demoralised us for a few months. Main aspect with being a manager is making a team, which Lambert has done and made a good one, and when times get tough not flinching which Lambert hasnt done either... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Best dribblers

Good for you, but still only a few months... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Touted once to be future of England.....Now at Accrington Stanley

Not the first time a player doesnt live up to the hype and wont be the last. Lee Croft is the most capped England international at youth level and he hasn't done nothing with that experience! Usually linked with off the field things if its depression or to much partying... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Liverpool take inform non-league striker on trial

No harm in giving him a trial... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Laudrup signs new deal until 2015

Great manager, and great news for anyone assosicated with Swansea. He's not ready to join a european giant like the media suggested and its relevant he stays at Swansea... - 6 years

Xanvier commented on Fergies worst signing

Bebe... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on MP's Back G*y Marriage.

Brilliant starting point, a lot of a way to go yet only second reading and i can imagine it getting stuck in the House of Lords for a year or 2. But i am pretty confident it'll be passed through as legislation... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Monreal to Arsenal - good signing?

Great signing, better then Gibbs... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Overrated?

Oh dear, please please please can you delete this discussion before i personally advise you to have a lobotomy... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Coutinho to Liverpool confirmed!

What makes you think he was a flop?... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on A crazy idea

True, but a 5 year deal being signed shows that the clubs intension's are that he's there for the long term rather then a 1 year contract... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Joe Bennett or Steven Warnock?

No, i completely disagree. Its easy to find scape goats within a team but those two players arent doing anything wrong.... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Your club's biggest regret?

I think a lot of Arsenal's problems are at boardroom level... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Not signing any players...

Well in Randy's statement he released today he said that he has struggled in the transfer market. Im led to believe its mainly because of agents being silly people like Harry Redknapp said today. Lambert driving down prices i reckon... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Good enough?

He can be, but i think he look uninterested against Oldham and maybe lacking in match sharpness... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Off to Real Mallorca

Good, dont want him and his 30k a week wage packet. Disastrous signing... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Member of the month.

I do comment, im not always that active i do admit... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Man utd need a new midfield ie new schole & Keane but who?

Carrick is definitely united unsung hero. He's like Sergio Busquets but english and not as good. Cleverley will come into his own dont think he has matured probably yet and also you are forgetting the great talent of Nick Powell yet to come through... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on What is he worth?

Because of his nationality and the league he plays in... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Nile Ranger arrested on suspicion of rape

Completely agree, only time will tell... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on South Wales police investigating Hazard kick

Whatever the police want to do he wont get anymore then a slap on the wrist and will be back at training the next day. It isnt even worth wasting Magistrates time for the case to be heard. At the end of the day the lad was abit of an idiot for making a meal out of it and Hazard was nieve for attempting to get the ball quicker... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Big Pond Small Fish - Can Sinclair survive?

His career, he knew what he was getting into when he signed the contract. All well and good having a nice booster contract and a lovely house in a remote estate in audley edge with a beautiful girlfriend but he has to remember how he got all those material products, from football. Which he isnt playing anymore... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on New Barcelona

They play similarly already to Barcelona in how they look to exploit space and get players running onto through balls but they will never be like Barcelona. Know one will ever match them... - 7 years


Another poor signing by King kenny for me, had Brad Jones who is same quality as Doni and probably on less money a week and more hungry to suceed... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on What punishment should Suarez get for saying he dived?

Obviously Rogers is trying to change suarez's ways, and i think he shouldnt get anything. His quality is a credit to the premier league and i think hes past the cheating and diving, well at least the majority of it... - 7 years

Xanvier commented on Your second team

My second team is oldham! went my first game against Notts Forest. Was brilliant!!! Helps your knowledge for the game having a second team. Especially if its aboard or in the lower leagues... - 7 years