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General Forum   ·   4 comments

Artificial pitches in the football league - your views.

Several clubs have expressed their aspriations to reintroduce artificial pitches citing it will save money and increase revenue. These '5-a-side' esque pitches were banned in the late 80's when they were considered damaging on the players. Now with improved technology, they have improved considerably but is it worth it?

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gazpenk by Gazpenk (PRO)
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gazpenk · Walsall fan

Decrease maintenance costs i guess.

  ·     ·     ·   7 years

rmgh11 · Everton fan

What i dont get is why!!!! why artificail,,, what is reasoning for them!!!! NONE!!!!

  ·     ·     ·   7 years

dansimon80 · Barnet FC fan

What I find funny is when people go to Russia they can't deal with the pitch and lose is it really that bad :down:

  ·     ·     ·   7 years

gazpenk · Walsall fan

If they're anything like the 5-a-side pitches I play on...slide tackling is a definite no go. :blank:

  ·     ·     ·   7 years