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Casestudy: Why the wealth of England is having a negative impact on the future of our International football.

A lot of discussions are now bringing up the subject: Why are we so bad when we should be so good? So I thought i'd create this discussion to bring together all our thoughts and theories. The key theory seems to be related to greed. With the crazy amounts of money football generates in our country, you'd expect it to pay off on the international front. Not the case. Instead, the race to be the best is now having a very negative impact on English football. English talent is failed to be seen due to the amount of foreign players purchased by clubs who put instant success ahead of the future. This is a vicious circle in which young English stars fail to penetrate because when the future arrives, the chairmans cheque book comes out again. The desire to do well see's clubs bringing in the best players available - leaving our young potentials on the bench or in the dark. Why waste your time on academies if you can get a player-to-go for several million. In summary - the problem we have is that English football is failing because it is no longer English. What are your views?

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gazpenk by Gazpenk (PRO)
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mrsentah · Liverpool fan


  ·     ·     ·   7 years

gazpenk · Walsall fan

Oh yeh absolutely. The competitiveness of lower league football is great and it now seems that we depend on these lower leagues for our emerging talent.

  ·     ·     ·   7 years

liam · Arsenal fan

I'd have to agree to some extent. Its mainly the big boys that have this money to spend on foreign imports.. However, the upturn of this is the ability in the lower leagues such as the Championship right through to League 2. Young players that may not make it at the top have a good chance to go on and have decent careers. The very best young talent will get a chance at the top players, but with the money available, it does raise the bar. If you look at the competition all over in this country, you've got Birmingham who were relegated from the prem last year playing in the Europa league beating teams from the higher tiers across Europe?? Remember Birmingham are a team who were relegated from the prem and have sold many of the players that were in there side for the past few seasons, yet they are producing in the Europa League? If you go further down into League 2, AFC wimbledon came up from the Conference last season, and both will not only stay in the league, but are front runners for Promotion to League 1. These teams have solid English foundations, and it shows the level of football here is very competitive

  ·     ·     ·   7 years