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Liverpool Forum   ·   3 comments

Cover for Gerrard?

Been reading an article about Scholes's latest opinions on Sky Sports and I think he made an interesting point. He has the same idea that England should focus on the way Liverpool have been playing, but that England haven't taken a player that can play that deep lying play maker/defensive midfielder role that Gerrard plays, in the case of an injury or lack of fitness.

Now I've been saying all season that Michael Carrick shouldn't go because he hasn't been good enough, but Scholes made a point that he's possibly the best back up that can play that role despite possibly not deserving to go, other options could be Huddlestone (who has the passing range too but perhaps not the energy for the heat in Brazil), or Barry who I'm not sure has the passing range but I think has had a better season as the other 2. I think of the current squad Milner is best equipped for the role. 

Other than that a Gerrard injury would force a change in tactics.

Does anyone agree, disagree? Have their own views?


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Doozers20 by Doozers20 (LEGEND)
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MB_Ktubes · Liverpool fan   In reply

@Doozers20 I agree he's played more than Cole has but still Lampard isn't a starter anymore. Barry consistently performed.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

Doozers20 · Man Utd fan   In reply

@MB_Ktubes I'd have took Barry over Lampard but I think Carrick is most similar to Gerrard in the way he plays these days.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

MB_Ktubes · Liverpool fan

It's a good point I personally think Barry should have gone. Although he doesn't have the passing range that Gerrard possesses. He is comfortable sitting back and moving the ball to more talented individuals. Pair him with Barkley in the event of Gerrard becoming injured and it's the successful midfield Everton had last season with Henderson potenially playing the James McCarthy role.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years