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David Luiz for £50million - pure madness!

PSG are set to sign Chelsea defender David Luiz for £50million, a world record fee for a defender! Crazy ammount to pay for a player who makes far to many mistakes, Dortmund's Hummels would've been a cheaper option and a batter defensive option too! PSG clearly don't care about FFP either. For Chelsea this is a brilliant deal, as Mourinho didn't like Luiz much according to reports, and £50m is way over the top! Also they don't even need to replace him as they've got Cahill, Terry, Ivanovic, Zouma, Kalas, and a few other youngsters too! Thoughts on this crazy move?

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abdulazizalrabiah · Chelsea fan

He was an awful defender! £50m sounds unreal for someone who is defensively poor like him.

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Doozers20 · Man Utd fan

It's baffling, Chelsea are basically receiving £50 million for a back up defender which will give them the power to go and improve their squad in every single area they need as they don't need to worry about FFP. I think the price tag is to put Barca off though, who will probably now plump for Hummels for cheaper (who I think is better). Luiz is a fantastic footballer but a poor defender in my opinion.

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Jonevarro · Chelsea fan

Sad to see the person go. Happy to see the player go, especially considering the money.

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