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Man Utd Forum   ·   6 comments

Did you hear this Januzaj news? Haha, I swear I like him more after this, boy showed some character right there

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Rafael95 by Rafael95 (AMATEUR)
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Kenny · Man Utd fan

Good on the lad!

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

XxreddevilxX · Man Utd fan   In reply

@Rafael95 Exactly and she wasn't too upset to go back to the hotel and 'watch x-factor'

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

releasethekraken · Liverpool fan

Respect for januzaj. good for him.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

walshi1987 · Blackburn Rovers fan

I hate United & have been saying he's over-hyped but that has totally changed my opinion (of him!)

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

Rafael95 · Arsenal fan

She was a gold digger

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

XxreddevilxX · Man Utd fan

He's brilliant, I don't know why she's complaining Nando's is amazing!! And as long as he's there the date is perfect ;)

  ·     ·     ·   5 years