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England 1 - 2 Uruguay...Your thoughts?

Another dissapointing defeat for England.
England looked shaky and lacklustre in Sao Paulo last night against a Uruguay side that capitalised on nervous defending and sloppy errors.

The three lions were figured out from the start as their usual tactic of long balls and sideways play didn't pay dividends against the South Americans who benefited greatly with the return of Luis Suarez who even though was visibly unfit, still managed to torment the England defence and score two goals.
The likes of Sturridge and Sterling failed to make an impact with Sterling not thriving in his new position as he gave way to Wayne Rooney in the center.
The usual tomfooleries of Danny Welbeck remained consistent however.

One of the only positives to come from the match was Wayne Rooney's bright and imaginative display capped off with his first World Cup goal which will have no doubt give him the confidence he desperate needed to unleash his full potential at a World Cup finals. Rooney's positive performance also proved that he is more suited to a central role in this outfit.

Although expectation was at an all time low for this years England squad, noone expected this level of failure.

It's not over till the fat lady sings though. If Italy win both their games against Costa Rica and Uruguay in the coming week, It will give England a glimmer of hope to qualify with a convincing victory over Costa Rica on Tuesday.


Keeping the faith as always but what are your thoughts?


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gazpenk by Gazpenk (PRO)
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Doozers20 · Man Utd fan

I thought England were the better team in the 2nd half of the game after the 1st ten minutes where Uruguay were dominant and could have had an earlier 2nd. I thought it was just a freak goal that was Englands undoing.

They were bad defensively for the 1st goal (as Uruguay were for Englands), but I don't know how townsend can blame the defence for the 2nd, the fact is Suarez would have been offside in any other circumstance than it coming off Gerrards head, if a Uruguay player would have flicked it on and Cahill and Jagielka were deep and Suarez scored, they would have been blamed for being too deep. I'm also hesitant to blame Gerrard as he was entitled to go for that ball, but he misjudged it totally so if anyone, the blame does lie with him.

I think the glimmer of hope for England is now, if Italy win their other 2 group games and England beat Costa Rica, they WILL go through.

I've said it all along, but if Terry were to have been asked to come out of retirement, I believe it would have made a world of difference and I don't think England would be sitting on 0 points.

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