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General Forum   ·   3 comments

England vs Italy

This is it! The one we have waited for since the draw happened last December is tonight! Predictions? 

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TheMightyPotter by TheMightyPotter (LEGEND)
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Doozers20 · Man Utd fan   In reply

@AFC_Harry34 getting bored of people jumping on the band wagon making Rooney scape goat, what exactly did he do wrong? Miss that chance? was his cross that set up Sturridges goal an inch too high for peoples liking?

The facts are... He was Englands top goal scorer in qualifying, he set up a goal despite playing in the a position that he doesn't normally play, yes he missed a chance that was by no means a sitter but all strikers do that. He may have been a little quiet but who knows he wasn't doing exactly what was asked of him by Hodgson? i.e. 'doing a job for the team.'

People are looking too much at his goal record at World Cups (where he went to both of them injured) and making him a scape goat.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

AFC_Harry34 · Arsenal fan

Not the worst performance, plenty of positives, think we'll win our next two games, just let's leave Rooney in the Amazon!

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

TheMightyPotter · Stoke City fan

I'm going for 1-1.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years