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Handball- Common What’s and How’s about Handball

The very common problem seen in the modern days is the stress. Though there are so many causes for this stress, there are also various other ways to reduce the stress and to get on with the daily routine. One of the best ways to reduce the stress and to rejuvenate is the games and sports. Games and sports are not only needed by children, but also, they are very useful for people of all the ages. Considering the sports, there are lot many types of the sports like cricket, hockey, football, volley ball, hand ball and many more. Each of them are having their own importance.  The selection of the sport depends upon the taste of the person. For instance, some people like cricket, some people like tennis, and so on.

Glance at Handball

Considering the handball, it is really eye feast to watch the play. This handball game, which is also called by other names like Olympic handball, European handball is one of the very best games, especially for those people who want to cut down their weight. It involves the action of all the parts of the body, resulting in overall weight loss. This handball game will be simple while watching it, when someone else is playing. It involves the participation of two teams, each of which containing seven players. The ball will be passed on by the team members, in order to see that the ball reaches the goal in time, opposing the other team members. This sport is generally played indoor, but there are also certain instances where this sport is played as outdoor. This sport involves body contact, in the process of defending for the ball. This sport is of short span and it will be completed in 30 minutes and in two periods. And the team which will make the ball reach the goal first, will win. Commonly goals are frequent in this sport. At least a minimum of 20 goals are done by each of the teams and sometime this number reaches to 30. 

Some Interesting Facts about Handball

  • This sport is played in two sessions; each is of 30 minutes duration. The two session of the game are separated by an interval of about 10-15 minutes time.
  • The game starts when the clock is set to 0:00 and the clock counts up to 60:00. Upon any request, the clock may be stopped for about one minute. In general, the clock is not stopped, even in the case of any foul game, but it is stopped for having any player injured.
  • The size of the ball used in handball will be of 40m x 20m dimensions and a division is seen in the middle of the ball, which divides the ball into 20m x 20m halves. This division on the ball is demarcated by a solid line.
  • A free throw is taken with a dashed line of 9m from the goal line. The goal area is demarcated by a solid semi circular line with a radius of 6m, inside which no outsiders are allowed.

The only exception for this is the offensive player. The offensive player will be starting his play from outside of the goal field, but the ball thrown by him will be landed inside the goal area. A team in the play is awarded a point, when the team players are able to throw the ball into the goal line of the opponent team, irrespective of the position from where the ball is being thrown( with in the court). Playing the game without following the rules is not recommended, though it is not any official match. It is always good to play the match following all the rules of it.

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