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History and Evaluation of European Men’s Handball championships

The game of handball itself is named Euro handball as a team sport as it originated in the European nations of Germany and Scandinavia. The game is played against each other by two teams, each consisting of 7 members who are required to engage in a series of passing and handling the ball solely with hands to strike it into the goal posts of the opposite teams. The modern version is played on a pitch of 40 X 20m with two goals posts at either ends. The game is necessarily played indoors but the version of the same sport for outdoor settings exists as well. Beach handball is popular variety of its outdoor setting. The sport was formatted in early 19th century in Europe and hence the name is derived as mentioned before. The international game of it with rules were played in early 1900s and has since seen a great many amendments till the 11th edition of the championship recently held in Denmark. The winners this time were France who won against Denmark for 41-32 in final rounds.

European Men’s Handball

The championship of European Handball brought forth the Men’s Handball Championship as the official level competition for senior players on the national handball team. The championship takes place every two years and serves the participants for qualifying round of World Championship as well. The history of the sport dates back to mid 1900s when the International Federal for Handball was brought forth by 8 of the European Nations.

  • The first championship was held in the year 1994 in Portugal. Sweden was hailed the champion for the debut of the handball championship with the host nation getting defeated the earliest in the rounds. Russian Kudinov Vasily scored 50 goals to be hailed the maximum scorer at the end of the Championship.
  • The next Championship was held in 1996 in Spain. Russian prove its might and revenge of the yester-championship in the finals, to win against Sweden for 24-21 in an arena of 650 fans. The new team of Yugoslavia also joined the Championship for the same year.
  • In 1998, the Championship was held in Italy to feature the host nation for the first and the last time in the Championship games or otherwise. Final rounds saw Sweden as the winners who beat Spain for 25-23.
  • The golden age of 2000 saw the sport as a qualifier for the Olympic Games and was held in Croatia. The spectator counts increased to tens of thousands to watch the jaw gripping deciding goal scored by Swedish player Magnus Wislander to bring the pints t0 32-31.
  • The championship was held in Sweden in the year 2002 and featured 16 teams in total for the first ever time. Sweden won the winning title to record it as their fourth win since the Championship started.
  • In the year 2004, Sweden’s hat trick was broken in Slovenia where Germany emerged as the winner.
  • The Championship was held in Switzerland in the year 2006 where France won their first ever Championship title.
  • The World Championship of 2008 was held in Norway where Denmark emerged as the winner for the first time with a 4-goal lead.
  • The World Championship of 2010 was held in Austria in the month of January in the popular cities like Graz, Innsbruck, Vienna and Wiener Neudstadt. Denmark was not included in the championship as well the host nation Austria. France emerged as the winner, defeating Croatia in this Championship.
  • The Championship of 2014 was held in Denmark of which the finals were won by France to repeat its winning stance of the year before.

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