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Tottenham Forum   ·   10 comments

How many midfielders do Tottenham want?

I've just seen on SSN that Tottenham have agreed a deal to sign Erik Lamela from Roma & they are close to sealing a move for Christian Eriksen from Ajax.

Admittidly I haven't seen much of Lamela so don't know exactly where/how he plays but he adds another midfielder to their squad. Add these two to there new signings & they have a lot of midfielders.

Granted all these players aren't the same type but they now have Lennon, Paulinho, Holtby, Capoue, Townsend, Dembele, Chadli, Sigurosson & Sandro. With Lamela & Eriksen that gives 11 midfielders. Is that too many or a good balance? Maybe they'd be better going for a decent Centreback & Leftback.

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walshi1987 by Walshi1987 (FIRST TEAM)
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AFC_Harry34 · Arsenal fan

You could say the same about Chelsea

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

walshi1987 · Blackburn Rovers fan

I have to agree with @Baldersmith I think there is some private competition going on between Chelski & Spuds on two fronts; 1) Who can have the most midfielders with hardly any centre forwards & 2) Who can splash the most cash this summer to seem like Citeh.

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

MB_Ktubes · Liverpool fan

No point having a bag full of midfielders if no one is going to score. Soldado's only shot against Swansea was the penalty. I'm not convinced by him one bit. Tottenham have a finisher in their ranks and his name is Jermain Defoe. They need someone who is going to be involved throughout the game in the build up play. He'll score goals but not as many as Spurs' fans think. Chelsea have a similar problem even if they sign Eto'o if you ask me.

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

paulison · Liverpool fan   In reply

@releasethekraken It wouldn't be pretty.

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

releasethekraken · Liverpool fan

I wonder what @lucas21 would make of tottenham's imminent signing of rumoured liverpool target christian eriksen....

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

paulison · Liverpool fan

It would be nice if we could do "a Tottenham" and take Eriksen from under their noses.

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

TittleTan · Stockport County fan

@mrsentah A poor mans Chelsea

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

mrsentah · Liverpool fan

Slightly embarssing they look like they are doing a Chelsea

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

Baldersmith · Liverpool fan

30 million for a 21 year old who has played 2 seasons in European football is a bit of a risk, I'd say. Think they're trying to catch up with Chelsea on midfielders signed.

  ·     ·     ·   6 years

Jonevarro · Chelsea fan

They are going for a new CB but I agree they really do need a new LB. Having a stacked midfield isn't necessarily a bad thing, Barca, Madrid, Bayern and Chelsea all have midfielders in abundance.

  ·     ·     ·   6 years