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General Forum   ·   4 comments

Is this the worst Brazil team you have ever seen?

Can't we see how Brazil is playing. When most of the teams are now playing attacking football,
Brazil thinks they can win a game by playing defensive. Great!!!

The problem with Brazil is not with the players alone. Are there no one to coach Brazil other than Scolari, or of Dunga's type??? They are completely ruining Brazil's flair and playing style. They are bent on making Brazil a defensive side......

Look what a team they have selected in the first place. I believe Ronaldinho/Kaka/Robinho would have been far better off in-spite of their age compared to Fred/Hulk/Joe in whatever form. Fred is a player who thinks he will score only when he gets a ball in front of the box when even the goalkeeper also is not there. What about Oscar. He may be good after 4 years but look at him now, he cant even a grip a ball properly and
falters most of the time. And what can we say about Paulinho/Gustavo. They are in the team because Scolari is the boss. Scolari thinks since he has given the 2002 World Cup whatever he does has to be right.

I may sound harsh, but Scolari does not seem to have any football sense left in him at this age.

I am sure it will be extremely difficult for Brazil if not impossible to win this world cup. But one thing Brazil should start looking immediately. They should start dumping out this old aged worn out coaches first and start bringing some new attacking minded coaches to lead their team. I am sure and I believe all will agree that Brazil has a lot of them.

After that with whatever available talent Brazil has (less or more it will not matter) they will be fun to watch and can start winning cups too!!

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atlan by Atlan (AMATEUR)
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atlan   In reply

@Doozers20 Oh yeah!!! They have no chance of winning unless God wants them to win....
If you have overhyped players like Fred/Paulinho/Oscar/Hulk then that team is bound to be a failure.
I think Dani Alves/Marcello are more forward and attacking than all the 4 above.
Is this is the best coach in the world who has been the most searched person in the world for the last few days!!!!
Happy that Scolari was born in Brazil!! The coach with the poorest football sense coaching one of the greatest/best footballing nations in the world. God bless Brazil!!!

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

atlan   In reply

@gazpenk I think potential can only be nourished when you promote it. Since Scolari won the world cup in 2002, he thinks now that whatever strategy he chooses he can win it now too. The choice of the team clearly shows what Scolari's football sense has been.
He does not have the faintest idea as what works and what not!!!
A lion be the greatest hunter on land but on water it is a mere nothing and crocodile is the top one over there...
So you should know where your strengths and weakness are!!!
If you do not have any idea about your limitations you are bound to fail in whatever you do.
Someone should tell that to Scolari.
He should quit his job.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

gazpenk · Walsall fan

They lack the free-flowing glittering style of play which we are so used to seeing. Frustrating because the potential for it is there but the application is not.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

Doozers20 · Man Utd fan

I think 3 out of Brazils 4 best players are defenders (Marcelo, Alvez and Silva), I don't think they have the talent that they used to, this is why the football is less exciting (I wouldn't call it defensive). They remind me of United last season, the players are miles away from each other therefore no fluency is possible, whether that's down to the manager or not I don't know, my opinion is that the players are not good enough to win a world cup and they will need a lot of luck to win it (like against Croatia).

If the ref hadn't bottled it and sent Neymar off against Croatia (like he should have) I think we'd be looking at Brazil being out of the World Cup now. I don't see them beating Chile or Netherlands the way they are playing.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years