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Moving forward, is the best option midfield for Rooney?

I'm a person that has always said that Rooney should be playing up front, you can't put a striker who scores near enough 20 goals a season in midfield. However, I'm now thinking both internationally and for his club, in the coming years that the best option for Wayne Rooney is midfield, box to box, similar to what Lampard has done for years. 

I've seen a few interviews by Van Gaal stating that he plays 4-3-3, which leaves one up front, I would be hugely shocked if for United that 1 isn't Robin Van Persie, so where does that leave Rooney? Unless he plays the 3-5-2/5-3-2 that he has tried with Holland. For me, a solid defensive midfielder (Bender, Carvalho) next to Rooney with Mata just in front of them could be a decent combination, he drops back so deep at times anyway, I'm not sure it would make a great deal of difference, I think he has all of the attributes, and could still get a decent chunk of goals (something United have been lacking from midfield). Now you have the problem that Rooney complained last season about playing midfield, but I think if he doesn't want to play there that much, United could just ship him off for a decent fee.

Internationally, you have the emergence of a decent amount of "no. 10's" and wingers (Barkley, Lallana, Sterling, Rodriguez, Townsend, Welbeck, Walcott, Chemberlaine perhaps even the likes of Ince, Zaha, Morrison (who is probably more talented than the lot of them)), whereas England are probably losing 2 massive central midfielders (and the captain), or at least one before the Euros. 

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