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Ross barkley fantastic player

England should build a team around Ross Barkley.hes that good i think.Does anyone else agree.!!

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Doozers20 · Man Utd fan   In reply

@releasethekraken Sterling was a lot more consistent 2nd half of last season than Barkley, though I think given time, Barkley will have more 'strings to his bow' than Sterling in terms of an all round footballer.

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He is still very inexperienced. Something we always do is pile pressure on young players by calling them 'Englands hope for the future' or something. We shouldn't build a team around anyone. We should build a team where various positions are covered by 2 or 3 quality players.

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releasethekraken · Liverpool fan

Yes i agree i think barkley is quality. he and sterling are brilliant young players - i rate sterling marginally above him at the moment but then again i would wouldn't i... both should be in the england team.

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paulison · Liverpool fan

So you think that Sterling is overrated but you would build a team around Barkley? Not biased at all are you??!!

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gazpenk · Walsall fan

Failed to make an impact so far for England but most definitely showing potential. Needs a few years to build his confidence on an international level.

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