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Brighton & Hove Albion Forum   ·   2 comments

Round 2

So after Blatters comments, Gus has no poured more flames on the fire! When are we gonna get to the bottom and put a end to the "racism" tag?

Linked Player: Gus Poyet

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dacolgatekid by Dacolgatekid (AMATEUR)
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maresh · Arsenal fan

I agree...... Gus has now damaged his chance of getting a bigger job surely!!! Very insensitive especially with the current racism saga regardless Suarez is his country man. Very childish if you ask as it's got nothing to do with him

  ·     ·     ·   8 years

mrsentah · Liverpool fan

How funny is this lol?.... I guess Suarez is his fellow countryman but why would he say that.

  ·     ·     ·   8 years