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The Diasporic World of Hockey

Hockey is an extensively branch of sports played by two teams against each other. Both the teams try to battle and forge the puck or a ball into the opponent’s goal post using a stick with a crooked end called the hockey stick.

Various Types of Hockey

There are mainly two types of hockey, both of which are titled hockey in a general use apart from the local variants. They are

  • Field hockey This game of hockey is played on grass or a field of gravel, sand or even water, with a tiny ball of diameter 2.9 inches. This game is played by both males and females and has popularity in almost all parts of the world. It is also played as a mixed sex game as well. The central in charge of all field hockey game is International Hockey Federation (FIH).
  • Ice Hockey This game of hockey is played on large area of flat ice using a vulcanised disc of diameter 3 inches. This disc called puck is frozen well before big games to provide a decreased amount of bounce and friction when played on the surface of ice. The central body that governs all of the ice hockey tournaments are International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The strongest league is the North American league called National Hockey League (NHL). Livescore hockey is the production of scores of the ice hockey league games live on other information portals like
  • Sledge Hockey

This hockey is specifically designed for interested players with physical disabilities to the lower bodies. These players are allowed to sit on double bladed sledges with two hockey sticks. Both the sticks possess a blade at its one end with tiny picks on the other. The stick is used to shoot the puck, stickhandle and pass or propel the sledges. The greatest leader in this game if acclaimed to be Great Britain

  • Street Hockey This is called road hockey which is played all through the year without any protective gears
  • Air Hockey is a game of hockey that is gamed indoors with a puck on the air cushioned table
  • Beach Hockey is a slightly different version of Street Hockey played mostly on South California beaches
  • Ball Hockey is a game of hockey that is played with gym sticks and balls
  • Box Hockey is a hockey game played in schoolyard with each player striving to move to the puck into the hole from the centre to the end by kneeling.
  • Broomball hockey is played on the rink of ice hockey but using a ball and a broom unlike the puck and stick of ice hockey.
  • Deck hockey is played traditionally by the Royal Navy on the deck of their ship
  • Floor hockey is played on foot on smooth and flat surfaces of the gymnasiums or places having floors similar to that.
  • Nock Hockey is a game of hockey that is played on tabletop with little or no defence.
  • Rinkball is a merge of ice hockey and rink played with a ball
  • Spongee is a form of blending of ice hockey with broomball that is played in Canada.

Hockey Magasinet

Website of Hockey Magasinet displays the live information of the leagues of Denmark and Sweden as . The Danish hockey is leagued as Metal Ligaen and has 9 teams. The premier league of Denmark, Metal Ligaen was found in 1959 and was known as Superislagaen and Eliteserian initially.

On the other hand Svenska Ishockeyförbundet or Swedish Ice Hockey Federation is the premier league of Sweden that consists of 7 national teams including the women’s team.

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