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Man Utd Forum   ·   3 comments

The return of Darren Fletcher!

So happy for the guy, hope it's for good this time, was an important member of the team before his illness and if he can get back to being as good as he was, he will be again.


Saying that, I hope that his comeback, if it happens fully, doesn't deter United from signing the quality midfielder that they need. 

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Doozers20 by Doozers20 (LEGEND)
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Doozers20 · Man Utd fan   In reply

@releasethekraken some bowell sindrome, sounds nasty, uncontrollable.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

releasethekraken · Liverpool fan

Good to see he's back. why was he out for so long? i heard he had super diarrhea or something like that.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

MB_Ktubes · Liverpool fan

Great to see him back after what he's been through. Just as long as he doesn't score against us then I'll be happy. Good for him. Hopefully he can help United a little.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years