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Man Utd Forum   ·   4 comments

The worst sports article of all time

Read this dross by Adrian Durham:

Now, firstly a disclaimer, I realise that this guy is a regular wind-up merchant. He works for talkSPORT and we know they are controversial on purpose to get idiots to ring into their radio shows. So he might be exaggerating his views. But still, this is a mental article and it's on the Daily Mail site so surely it should be a serious one. Apparently it's "unfair that United won't be in the Champions League next season"... WHAT??? THE LEAGUE IS SUDDENLY UNFAIR BECAUSE UNITED AREN'T GOING TO FINISH TOP 4 THEN... SURE.... He is also very disrespectful towards the Europa league, an attitude not exclusive to him, which I find very disappointing. To top things off, he has the cheek to suggest that Arsenal have been LUCKY in their FA Cup run because if they get to the final, all of their games will have been played in London. HOW IS DRAWING TOTTENHAM, LIVERPOOL AND EVERTON LUCKY EXACTLY??? Jesus Christ...

Anyway, turning this into a discussion and not just a rant.... Does anyone share any of his views, re: the Europa League? United fans - would you rather be in the Europa League next season or not in Europe at all?

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AFC_Harry34 · Arsenal fan

Agree with a few of his points but not about what he says on Man United. Play friendlies against top sides?! Has he not forgotten the so called top sides will be playing in the Champions League?! Best sides not in that? In the Europa...

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

paulison · Liverpool fan

I guess that Rodgers wasn't even deemed worthy of scorn by Durham's objective journalism?!! He does raise some valid points concerning Martinez and Wenger but I think it is too early to be undervaluing Pellegrini yet (dress sense notwithstanding). Having seen my team "slum-it" in the Europa League a number of times, I think it does have a detrimental effect, in term of the number of games, and does not hold even a small candle to the CL, however, it is a trophy and I consider success in it far more challenging than the domestic cup competitions. I can't believe that United would consider snubbing the contest if that is where their finishing position qualifies them and, were they to do so then wouldn't they be showing the same sort "air of superiority" that he rebukes the English establishment for in the early days of European competition? If his argument is that United are that superior then maybe he should compare the Liverpool team of the 70's and 80' to that of the 90's and 00's in order to discover that pride cometh before a fall.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

Doozers20 · Man Utd fan

I’ve just read the whole article and I think its harsh to call it ‘the worst article of all time’, there is a lot of points in there that I tend to agree with to be honest.

1. Martinez isn’t doing a better job than Moyes did, they may be playing so-called ‘prettier’ football, however they aren’t doing any better in the league and he was basically handed a top quality striker, something Moyes never had. I would be interested to know where they’d be if Mourinho hadn’t given them his best striker, I think Chelsea would be walking away with the league. Barry was a good signing but I think if Lambert wouldn’t have been opposed to having a bit of experience, he wouldn’t be there either. I’m intrigued as to how Everton do next season, when at least Lukaku more than likely won’t be there.

2. Not sure you can call Arsenal’s run lucky (though having drawn every game at home is somewhat lucky which is what he was getting at), but the FA cup should be bare minimum for Arsenal, their idea of success has been altered, they were cheering coming 4th like they’d won the league last season!

3. Winning the league cup shouldn’t be deemed as a success for Manchester City, Pellegrini hasn’t won much to talk about, yet get’s massive praise and wearing that hoody was stupid

I can’t agree with the rubbish he’s talking about United though, should United end up in the Europa League, that is where they deserve to be, it’s about performance not how big a club you are. If United were to do what Durham is suggesting (and I 100% know that they won’t), then I would seriously think about revoking my support, no competition is beneath them, particularly the way they’ve performed this season.

On your question, as much as I’d dislike to not have United in the Champions League, I believe the Europa League could benefit United, should it be used in the right way. You might see this as disrespectful to the competition, but I think United should use it to blood through some of the youngsters who won’t get a massive amount of time in the Premier League, i.e. Keane, Thorpe, Blackett, Vermij, Pereira, Petrucci, Mitchell, the other Keane, are players I’ve heard a lot about but not really seen play, I’m not saying use them all, but give some of them some game time in this competition, see how they do, then theres the likes of Johnstone, Varela, Zaha, Powell, Lingard who would benefit from the game time. I’d also use it for players looking to gain match fitness. I think using majority 1st team players on a Thursday night would harm Uniteds Premier League chances, though I’d bring more 1st team players in should United do well enough to progress through the rounds.

  ·     ·     ·   5 years

jimbo1984 · Man Utd fan

I commented on that article on the mail app yesterday...
What a load of #####...
I'm pretty sure like you have said he is trying to provoke a reaction but still it's ridiculous...
We don't deserve to be in the champions league and in fairness, I'm not so sure how well we would be doing in the Europa league on this seasons performance...
Europa is a second rate trophy and it would probably do united well to have no games in Europe rather than qualify for it.. But if they go and play friendlies all over the world instead then it defeats the point..

  ·     ·     ·   5 years