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TheMightyPotter commented on Ban Skrtel

You know I wanted to be the BBC tennis commentator? I did this... - 5 years

Baldersmith commented on Ban Skrtel

I left when the legendary potter left.... - 5 years

Villa-Rich commented on Ban Skrtel

With Kraken yeah he's right tbh no need for comment like that.... - 5 years

Doozers20 commented on Ban Skrtel

To be fair I agree do you not?... - 5 years

Releasethekraken commented on Ban Skrtel

So, RYP isn't worthy of being mentioned by your twitter account? haha, could you be any more of an arrogant pr!ck????... - 5 years

Charlton commented on Ban Skrtel

Why don't you worry about teams more around your level, for instance the bottom half of the table, instead of stressing so much about liverpool... - 5 years

Villa-Rich up voted the post Ban Skrtel - 5 years

MB_Ktubes commented on Ban Skrtel

Guys stop it you're hurting my feelings.... - 5 years

SuperSubDickinson commented on Ban Skrtel

I give things a plug on my Twitter account when I think they are good enough for a plug. Without being rude mate, there is a reason I haven't been on this site in months and my return hasn't done much to change my mind. If something positive changes of course I will plug it.... - 5 years

Kingkenny07 commented on Ban Skrtel

Funniest thread around.. Or maybe its not. Make yr own mind up. As for skrtel, I do agree he has become a bit of a liability as of late. But then its not just him you see doing it. All the other teams do it, Just you thought you would try deflect the fact that even though liverpool werent at their best they still easily beat the pub rugby team tha... - 5 years

AFC_Harry34 down voted the post Ban Skrtel - 5 years

ScoopeX commented on Ban Skrtel

I don't need to cheer up lad as I am not trolling another teams forum 24-7... - 5 years

Youngl down voted the post Ban Skrtel - 5 years

Cappergaffer down voted the post Ban Skrtel - 5 years

commented on Ban Skrtel

Hes a good player, but he needs to follow the rules... - 5 years

NEW POST   TheMightyPotter added Ban Skrtel

He's a disgrace, should've given away tons of pens this season.. ... - 5 years

Posford commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Did not need that replay with Fulham, should've put them away but our play in the final 3rd wasn't good enough again. Would happily swap that draw for the defeat on boxing day... - 5 years

AFC_Harry34 commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

What a performance by Nottingham Forest, thrashing West Ham 5-0! Surely Sam Allardyce's time as manager is coming to an end? Also well done Swansea who won 2-1 at Man United!... - 5 years

Doozers20 commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Forest 5 West Ham 0, pressure must be increasing on Allardyce.... - 5 years

Releasethekraken commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Love the FA cup, no matter what some people say. hope we can have a good run this year especially with no european football. hopefully we tw@t oldham tomorrow and get revenge for last season. weird how we've drawn oldham in the FA cup in each of the last 3 seasons...... - 5 years

TittleTan commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Blackburn played really well and with their best striker starting the game on the bench too.... - 5 years

NEW POST   AFC_Harry34 added FA Cup 3rd Round

Here are the FA Cup 3rd Round fixtures. Pick of the round has to be the. North London derby, Arsenal v Tottenham! Which game do you think will cause a shock? 3rd Round Saturday, January 4 Blackburn v Manchester City (1245) Aston Villa v Sheffield United (1500) Barnsley v Coventry (1500) Bolton v Blackpool (1500) Brighton v Reading (1500) Bristol Ci... - 5 years

Delilah commented on Rocket Thrower!!!

Talking about ryan shotton are you?@Rulz03... - 7 years

TheMightyPotter commented on Rocket Thrower!!!

No 35... - 7 years

R03 commented on Rocket Thrower!!!

Their is a guy at stoke who is nearly as good as him. I think he will become a 'throw in coach'... - 7 years

Edward_Eastaway commented on Rocket Thrower!!!

Isn't he like 58 now? That throw has ket his career going for the last 5 years. I remember him playing for Southampton in the PL 11 years ago... - 7 years

Mrsentah commented on Rocket Thrower!!!

@Stokecity11 to answer your question you added as another user. He is the best but can't play football so who cares... - 7 years

MB_Ktubes commented on Rocket Thrower!!!

No he doesn't.... - 7 years

NEW POST   Delilah added Rocket Thrower!!!

Does Roary Delap have the best attacking throw in the world???? Linked Player: Rory Delap... - 7 years