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Gazpenk commented on Transfer Deadline Day

A team like Arsenal need another striker and cannot soley rely on Giroud. As for Danny Welbeck, no big loss for Utd if he goes. He's a good worker but I just don't see what he's done for club and country over the last few years. Seriously overrated player. Sad to see Hernandez go though...weird move for him, can't see him getting much playing time... - 4 years

Doozers20 commented on Transfer Deadline Day

In terms of Falcao, there is a rumour going around that Van Persie needs knee surgery that would put him out for a good few months, Hernandez seems to be going on loan to Real Madrid (which is slightly baffling me for a couple of reasons), and Welbecks near future is in the air, so in this sense to me it makes sense. I don't want Welbeck to go, I... - 4 years

NEW POST   Gazpenk added Transfer Deadline Day

It's that time of year again when the deadline day newsfeed takes priority over your Monday morning work schedule. Here are the deadline day headlines (as of 11:00pm) : Man Utd agree loan deal for Monaco striker Radamel Falcao with a view to buy after a year Aston Villa's Karim El Ahmadi joins Dutch club Feyenoord Micah Richards to Florentina... - 4 years

Doozers20 commented on This is what is so frustrating about referees.

The point was to me it is common sense when a player is getting dragged all over the show to give a penalty, and not have to wait for the player to go down. My point was about Adebayor not Allen. Mignolet seemed a better option than others at the price I had left and Lovren bagged a few last season plus is at a team that I expect to concede fewer... - 4 years

Releasethekraken commented on This is what is so frustrating about referees.

Can't blame the refs, their job is incredibly difficult, they're always gonna get things wrong. all i want is for them to judge decisions like this on common sense and i'll accept they'll make mistakes. it was a very very soft penalty, but by the letter of the law, it was one. i don't like seeing penalties like that given because they're ridiculous... - 4 years

NEW POST   Doozers20 added This is what is so frustrating about referees.

One of the Liverpool defenders pretty much drags Adebayors shirt from his back, yet because he doesn't hit the deck nothing is given.   I know it wouldn't have impacted the game that much being 3-0 down with 5 minutes to go, and I was actually pretty happy for them not to get it, having Lovren and Mignolet in my fantasy team, but I just find i... - 4 years

Paulison commented on 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

Sign of the times on the site unfortunately .... Billy and Bobby no-mates.... - 4 years

Releasethekraken commented on 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

We'll be the only 2 in it probably but oh well... - 4 years

Stupot commented on The Best/Funny Dream Team Names of All Time

SubStandard Liege... - 4 years

Oleg_m commented on Top 10 BPL Signings of the season

Huge Man City poster:... - 4 years

Oleg_m commented on PFA Player and Young Player of the year nominees announced!!

Find huge Arsenal poster: look nice... - 4 years

TheMightyPotter commented on 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

Which websites?... - 4 years

Paulison up voted the post 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues - 4 years

LawrenceQPR23 commented on 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

Who was the original one.... Kev?... - 4 years

Villa-Rich commented on 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

Liverpool top 4 stay short lived now Suarez is gone and you replace him with Rickie Lambert lol! lol! lol! Should start calling yourself Liverhampton.... - 4 years

Peterwake1988 commented on 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

Joined peeps... - 4 years

NEW POST   Releasethekraken added 2014/15 Fantasy and Predictor Leagues

For those of you still alive, can we do the fantasy and predictor leagues again this year? Don't know how many we'd get but it'd be nice.Here's the code for the normal fantasy league: 845169-204461 And here's the code for the head to head fantasy league: 845169-204501I'll create a predictor one later if there's interest.... get... - 4 years

NEW POST   Khazin added New Commissioner Fantasy EPL!!!

Finally someone came up with this for Premier League 14/15!!!AAWWWWYYYEEEAAAAHHH!!!its here >>> http://fantasy.epl.fanxt.comYou can change so many things! Budget, players score points, haha even player cost and position XD….... - 4 years

Doozers20 commented on Brazil...

David Luiz is a talented footballer no doubt, as a defender though he's shocking, I see no signs of greatness in that department whatsoever... - 4 years

Gazpenk commented on Brazil...

The defence looked too static and completely clueless without any kind of authority or leadership. David Luiz shows signs of greatness but does not tick all the boxes for me and is too much of a liability to be given such an important role on an international level.... - 4 years

NEW POST   Gazpenk added Brazil...

Now that we've all vented our disbelief over last night...what do we think happened? Did the pressure of the occasion finally get to Brazil given that this was their first major test of the tournement? Or could they really have just fallen apart without Neymar and Thiago Silva? Surely the mighty Brazil do no depend on one or two players for success... - 4 years

NEW POST   Dooqwor added Experienced roofing services give many pros to customers often

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NEW POST   Jennash added Essentially the most effective solutions to establish business on the web easily

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Doozers20 commented on Ross barkley fantastic player

Sterling was a lot more consistent 2nd half of last season than Barkley, though I think given time, Barkley will have more 'strings to his bow' than Sterling in terms of an all round footballer.... - 4 years

NEW POST   Redrockbrokers added Handball- Common What’s and How’s about Handball

The very common problem seen in the modern days is the stress. Though there are so many causes for this stress, there are also various other ways to reduce the stress and to get on with the daily routine. One of the best ways to reduce the stress and to rejuvenate is the games and sports. Games and sports are not only needed by children, but also,... - 4 years

Releasethekraken commented on "Why I want England to lose."

Also, that youtube video you linked to... what is wrong with english pundits being positive in the build-up to a world cup game? against germany?! really, what do you expect?... - 4 years