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IanRush commented on Racist club

I missed this in the news a while back (not sure how that happened), wow!... - 6 years

AFC_Harry34 commented on Racist club

There not a racist club anymore.... - 6 years

AFC_Harry34 commented on The legend that is Deon Burton

Deon Burton is a great player, wish him well.... - 6 years

Daveowollefdoog commented on The legend that is Deon Burton

Yeh he was on every week, played for Neath town last year scoring for fun in the Welsh Premier league.... - 6 years

Charlton commented on The legend that is Deon Burton

Haha I just remember when he was on showboat like every week, might have been when he played for Swansea actually, shows how far Swansea have came... - 6 years

IanRush commented on The legend that is Deon Burton

Wow, somebody actually knows who I'm talking about! (not really used to that!). I was only joking about him, I've only seen him play a handful of times. Good player when he feels like it....... - 6 years

Mrsentah commented on The legend that is Deon Burton

Hahaha yeah do one every tuesday... - 6 years

NEW POST   Daveowollefdoog added The legend that is Deon Burton

With a career spanning over 500 games and 129 goals to his name and a hat full of caps and goals for Jamaica (wikipedia stats so don't blame me if their wrong). Deon Burton again scored for Gillingham tonight and looks to be propelling them to promotion this season and the young age of 35 years old. Show your appreciation for the legend that is D... - 6 years

Liam commented on Racist club

In some ways I was shocked, but in another way I wasnt if I'm honest! Sometimes I think do the authorities go harder on racial cases because clubs/ people on a less higher profile are easier to convict then say a bigger club / person? I'm a bit undecided on this one if I am totally honest... - 6 years

BlueChampion commented on Racist club

Totally agree. We haven't even scratched surface. There's so much focus on racial abuse while the racial discrimination goes on and is harder to prove. That comes from the society. Football doesn't work in isolation. The more mature and broad minded the society is, all the modules of it - sports, politics, arts etc - benefit from it. So, I think it... - 6 years

Ateeq commented on Racist club

Without sounding like a lecture - direct racism - remarks, comments and chants va indirect racism - which I think is where we are at now on the whole. Indirect racism is harder to tackle because it's covered up and conveyed in a different way thus 1 million times harder to prove. Asian footballers or the lack there of is massive- every kid whether... - 6 years

Removed_user commented on Racist club

Good point about the Asians there is still racial issues about that. But the 4 big cases now aren't just moronic fans. 3 are top players and one is an actual club. that can't be marked up to the working class nature of football... - 6 years

Italian_celt67 commented on Racist club

The racism in English football went away for a while I can see it coming back... - 6 years

Baldersmith commented on Racist club

@TheDannyGordon Collymore brings it on himself. He is an attention seeking argumentative twot. He blocked me for abusing him. (Non racially I may add)... - 6 years

Adambcfc commented on Racist club

Suarez to sign for Gillingham?... - 6 years

NEW POST   Removed_user added Racist club

A tribunal has found Gillingham guilty of treating ex-striker Mark McCammon and other black players differently. Full report here : . What is your opinion on this? Is there a real issue of racism in England?... - 6 years

LuLu commented on Have you ever been to priestfiled ???

I sat directly behind the gillingham goal in the 1st half... - 7 years

Ballbagshrew commented on Have you ever been to priestfiled ???

Gillingham vs Shrewsbury 2010/11 season. The away end is an embarassment to football.... - 7 years

Dazza12 commented on Have you ever been to priestfiled ???

Lol wish jackson was still there he got us the point in that game greate game where abouts do u sit... - 7 years

NEW POST   Dazza12 added Have you ever been to priestfiled ???

I have and if so what game ?????... - 7 years