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Posford commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Did not need that replay with Fulham, should've put them away but our play in the final 3rd wasn't good enough again. Would happily swap that draw for the defeat on boxing day... - 7 months

AFC_Harry34 commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

What a performance by Nottingham Forest, thrashing West Ham 5-0! Surely Sam Allardyce's time as manager is coming to an end? Also well done Swansea who won 2-1 at Man United!... - 7 months

Doozers20 commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Forest 5 West Ham 0, pressure must be increasing on Allardyce.... - 7 months

Releasethekraken commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Love the FA cup, no matter what some people say. hope we can have a good run this year especially with no european football. hopefully we tw@t oldham tomorrow and get revenge for last season. weird how we've drawn oldham in the FA cup in each of the last 3 seasons...... - 7 months

TittleTan commented on FA Cup 3rd Round

Blackburn played really well and with their best striker starting the game on the bench too.... - 7 months

NEW POST   AFC_Harry34 added FA Cup 3rd Round

Here are the FA Cup 3rd Round fixtures. Pick of the round has to be the. North London derby, Arsenal v Tottenham! Which game do you think will cause a shock? 3rd Round Saturday, January 4 Blackburn v Manchester City (1245) Aston Villa v Sheffield United (1500) Barnsley v Coventry (1500) Bolton v Blackpool (1500) Brighton v Reading (1500) Bristol Ci... - 7 months

Adambcfc commented on Trouble at Mill?

Oh rite haha he had to have extra security around him today... - 1 year

AFC_Harry34 commented on Trouble at Mill?

I was only joking, you have very right to abuse him!... - 1 year

Italian_celt67 commented on Trouble at Mill?

Did he not just get the job? :s... - 1 year

NEW POST   AFC_Harry34 added Trouble at Mill?

Alex McLeish could soon be sacked according to reports! However, Nottingham Forest chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi insists he enjoys a 'good working relationship' with Alex McLeish. What's going on?... - 1 year

Italian_celt67 commented on Forest vs Leicester

@TheDannyGordon ah didnt know it was any of those... - 1 year

Releasethekraken commented on Forest vs Leicester

I really enjoyed the olympic opening ceremony. well done mate.... - 1 year

Dannyboyle10 commented on Forest vs Leicester

Wouldnt say Forrest are really going for promotion. At the same time you couldnt really pick anyone to get promoted out of the teams in the league, except Boro of course... - 1 year

Removed_user commented on Forest vs Leicester

Its a derby, its a promotion battle it was on tele. Take your pick... - 1 year

Slufsar commented on Forest vs Leicester

That Nugent goal was loverly.... - 1 year

LawrenceQPR23 commented on Forest vs Leicester

Oh my.... What a brilliant save by lee camp... - 1 year

Mrsentah commented on Forest vs Leicester

2-2... - 1 year

James2504 commented on Forest vs Leicester

Leicester should win at home, forest are are decent side now though... - 1 year

NEW POST   Removed_user added Forest vs Leicester

1-0 to leicester. Prediction for the rest of the game... - 1 year

Rueboy commented on Is robbie findley the 20+goal striker we have been looking for

Nottingham forest... - 2 years

Mrsentah commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

He does like good football which is important. I think it depends sometimes managers with money struggle... - 2 years

Releasethekraken commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

How can people be so sure that this guy won't do well? he did well at doncaster with no budget, kept them in the championship longer than many thought. just because he's not a 'big name' doesn't mean he's rubbish. truth is most of you know nothing about him so why make presumptions like that? don't get it... - 2 years

Special_K commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

He's not what Forest need in my opinion. Quite a fall being linked with Hoddle, Redknapp and Sven and end up with... O'Driscoll. I at least expected somebody who has Premier League experience.... - 2 years

Machine44 commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

I quite like o'driscoll but this isnt the right appointment for a team that now has forest's ambition... - 2 years

Removed_user commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

Were regular relegation battlers? who gets taken over by billionaires and goes "we need a new manager, lets go get the man who is skilled at relegation battles? Whats next is Mancini going to get the sack and Steve Kean be drafted in... - 2 years

Danott commented on O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

It is always a bad sign when a club who were HUGE and now they appoint someone and you just think..."who????" BAD APPOINTMENT!... - 2 years

NEW POST   Danott added O'Driscoll appointed Forest Manager!

Sven was in the hunt but Forest have gone for O'Driscoll instead. Is this the right choice? Linked Player: Sean O'Driscoll... - 2 years

Azz32 commented on Cotterill Sacked!!

Shocking be good to see who the next manager will be... - 2 years