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You’ve landed at the Southampton Football Fans Forum, the only place online that lets Saints fans shout the odds whatever way they want about their team. Still reeling over the Adkins sacking? Think it’s time for a change on the pitch? Or reckon we should be happy to be established as a top flight team again? Whatever you have to say, you can say it here. We use as little moderation or censorship as possible, to make sure the banter on this forum stays lively, loud, passionate and honest.

Southampton is a club with a great history stretching back all the way to the beginning of the game in Britain. Just listing some of the great players that have played at The Dell and then at St. Marys over the last 120 years is enough to get the hair standing up on the back of your neck: Bates, Ball, Shilton, Keegan, Channon and, of course, Le God himself Matt Le Tissier.

Yet, for all those legends we’ve only a couple of pieces of silverware in the cabinet. Got an opinion on how to change that? Then let us know here.

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Villa-Rich commented on Liverpool v Southhampton

Haha he is a lazy waste of talent.... - 4 years

Liverpoolgirl101 commented on Liverpool v Southhampton

At least we can get signings that do have an impact on how Liverpool play.... - 4 years

Releasethekraken commented on Liverpool v Southhampton

I hope it is tarnished again tbh. i love having a mad b@stard in our team who p!sses off opposition fans like you. it's great. welcome mario.... - 5 years

Paulison commented on Liverpool v Southhampton

Are you telling me that you would not want Balotelli at Villa for 16 million? Possibly not, I guess but I am excited at the signing (assuming he passes his medical of course!!). I am concerned about his propensity for laziness and disinterest on the pitch but the majority of the off the pitch stuff was laughable. Compared to what else is out there... - 5 years

NEW POST   Liverpoolgirl101 added Liverpool v Southhampton

I saw the whole game (DUUUUUH), and I honestly was so disappointed in Liverpool's performance today. Liverpool had an exceptional first half but the second was absolutely awful. Southhampton on the other hand we're great in the second half. If Liverpool want to win the league, then they must play to their full potential.  What are your thought... - 5 years

Oleg_m commented on Top 10 BPL Signings of the season

Huge Man City poster:... - 5 years

Oleg_m commented on PFA Player and Young Player of the year nominees announced!!

Find huge Arsenal poster: look nice... - 5 years

Villa-Rich commented on Liverpool have lost there bite up front

Good cup of tea is worth another hefty transfer fee... - 5 years

Liverpoolgirl101 commented on Liverpool have lost there bite up front

Right....... - 5 years

Paulison commented on Liverpool have lost there bite up front

Ha, ha. Yeah, Lambert has struggled in preseason but I can see the logic of getting him, for the price, because he gives us another dimension for when we are struggling to breakthrough a midfield (Chelsea at Anfield being an example) but there is no way he should ever be a first choice striker. I have heard rumours that the tea lady at St. Mary's m... - 5 years

Releasethekraken commented on Southampton free for all

Disappointing really. i was thinking they'd sell maybe one or two and then reinvest the money they got and make themselves even stronger. i suppose some of the fees have been too good to refuse - lallana 25 mil, shaw 30 mil, chambers 16 mil!!!! but still, i'd have probably only sold one of those and told the others to stay put (can understand them... - 5 years

Villa-Rich commented on Southampton free for all

Well thats easy. American football, or gridiron. They do a system where all the best players get shared out evenly via draft pick.... - 5 years

Doozers20 commented on Southampton free for all

I'm not sure where you stand in terms of EU legislation there but it possibly is a slightly fairer way to go about it, like you said not a perfect system though, I don't think you could get one. It also depends what you set the salary at, for instance if it's £50 mil net then 'smaller' clubs would still struggle. Players would still want to come... - 5 years

Dent_Ford commented on Southampton free for all

First, a salary cap would put everybody on the same level as far as money they can spend... As I said it could be done in such a way as to reward those who produce their own players (i.e. a sliding cap where teams are allowed more $ based on how many players have come thru their system, etc)... It could also be skewed to favor those clubs that deve... - 5 years

NEW POST   Khazin added New Commissioner Fantasy EPL!!!

Finally someone came up with this for Premier League 14/15!!!AAWWWWYYYEEEAAAAHHH!!!its here >>> http://fantasy.epl.fanxt.comYou can change so many things! Budget, players score points, haha even player cost and position XD….... - 5 years

NEW POST   Villa-Rich added Southampton free for all

... - 5 years

Doozers20 commented on The World Cup kicks off - Brazil vs Croatia

Croatia were a little unlucky there, poor refereeing.... - 5 years

NEW POST   Releasethekraken added The World Cup kicks off - Brazil vs Croatia

So today the 2014 World Cup begins with hosts Brazil taking on Croatia (9pm kick-off in the UK). Cannot wait for it to start. Since it's a World Cup, I am hoping that the forum will be busier over the next month or so. Because it's been very quiet for most of the Premier League season - it'd be great to see it back to the way it used to be, if even... - 5 years

Jonevarro commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

It's £30m offer now apparently... - 5 years

Doozers20 commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

No, Zaha loan Fabio bought I believe. Welbecks treated harshly in my opinion, think he's a good player and finishing is improving. Cleverley wasn't good last season but in my opinion he was played too deep, I think he would be good in the 4-3-3 Van Gaal employs (if he comes). For me he'll work out to be a decent squad player, who won't make many no... - 5 years

Jimbo1984 commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

Kagawa is decent but I would personally rather us have a couple exciting wingers.. The whole Rooney, kagawa, mata, thing makes it hard to leave a good player out or to for all 3 in a starting line up... - 5 years

MB_Ktubes commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

@jumbo1984 What do you think about Kagawa? I personally am a big fan but I've not seen a great deal. I don't think United should go crazy with this rumoured £200 million. Focus on key areas such as a top class centre-half, a midfielder and a winger. Just look at Spurs. Majority of their signings were £20 million + and didn't gel. I'd go with Ga... - 5 years

Releasethekraken commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

Let's wait for that rumoured 200 million to be spent before we make such claims.... - 5 years

Swanseajack101 commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

No definitely not! Shaw is quality, personally I'd be asking for a lot more maybe somewhere between 30-40 mil!... - 5 years

Dent_Ford commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

Is it too much for an 18 yo English FB??? The reason the price is so high, imo, has more to do with the homegrown rule than just a bare valuation of his talent. With a limit on the # of non "home-grown" players on your roster, it puts a premium on (esp.) English players-or ones that have come up thru club systems in England (i.e. as I understand... - 5 years

Gasher346 commented on £27m bid for Luke Shaw

Outrageous price. Southampton would be foolish to turn it down. However it's a tricky one. The lad has talent no doubt and a good left-back is valuable but he's yet to provide evidence of progression and improvement, both of which take a couple of years to properly analyse. A good world cup might justify the price tag a bit more.... - 5 years

MB_Ktubes commented on Final Day 2013/14

I can't agree considering you have lead for the majority of the season and finished 4th?... - 5 years

AFC_Harry34 commented on Final Day 2013/14

Good end to our league season, hopefully we'll be celebrating at Wembley on Saturday!... - 5 years

NEW POST   AFC_Harry34 added £27m bid for Luke Shaw

Manchester United have bid £27million for Southampton left-back Luke Shaw. Thoughts on this? Southampton apparently want more than that. £27m is a lot, but Shaw is a very good player and still only 18! Good left-backs are hard to come across and he would provide many years of service! Only problem is he's a Chelsea fan, so might he wait... - 5 years

Villa-Rich commented on Final Day 2013/14

Time for Lerner to sell the club. And time for Paul Lambert and Paul Falkner to be gone also. We need fresh ambition and a completely new start. Aston Villa is a laughing stock. Worst Villa team I've ever seen.... - 5 years